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Best Pregnancy Products in Japan for 2024: Skin Care & More

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family in Japan, you might be wondering what kind of pregnancy products to get to help ease the work that goes into growing a human!

This is why I’m sharing the best pregnancy products for 2024 as voted by mothers and mothers-to-be in Japan. These results are based on a poll by Tamahiyo, a Japanese company that publishes information for new parents and releases a yearly ranking of the best products for expectant parents. 

Some of the categories were things that I hadn’t used nor considered, so I hope this is helpful for those of you who are expecting or will be expecting in Japan!

I’ve also written an article on the best newborn baby products in Japan so make sure to check it out.

(Psst, did you know you can get free pregnancy products in Japan? Make sure to read my article to find out how!)

Best Stretch Mark Cream for Expectant Mothers in Japan

Mama&Kids natural mark cream

Mama&Kids ママ&キッズ ナチュラルマーククリーム 470g [ 低刺激スキンケア ] 保湿 ボディクリーム 無香料

Mama&Kids brand ranked as both the best skin cream for newborns and the best lotion as well. It is, admittedly, quite expensive; however, the price point reflects its quality.

Although I haven’t used this specific cream (I used the Pigeon cream that came in 2nd place, which is much more budget-friendly), it’s a favorite with expectant mothers in Japan.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about it:

  • Very moisturizing
  • Prevents stretch marks
  • Applies smoothly
  • Gentle


2nd Place: Pigeon 24h moisture care cream

3rd Place: WELEDA Mothers Body Oil

4th Place: arau baby Maternity Cream

5th Place: Milpoche Organics Body Care Cream


Best Bust Cream for Expectant Mothers in Japan

Mama&Kids b-up white

Mama&Kids ママ&キッズ ビーアップホワイト 100ml [ プロテクトコラーゲン配合・マタニティケア ] ボディクリーム 産後 低刺激

Something I did not use when I was pregnant was bust cream.

I didn’t think I needed it (despite my breasts getting much, much larger… I miss those boobs!) but for those who want to keep their breasts nice and firm and mark-free following pregnancy, a bust cream is probably a good investment.

And lo behold, Mama&Kids has made it to first place again! This can be used during and after pregnancy, and it’s safe to use when breastfeeding.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about it:

  • Not sticky
  • Safe to use when breastfeeding


2nd Place: Organic madonna Best Serum Gel


Best Brand for Pregnancy Body Pillows in Japan

Tamahiyo Shop

たまひよSHOP 抱き枕 妊婦 丸洗いで清潔!妊娠~授乳用お助け抱き枕 (スター)

Pregnancy pillows are definitely a must-have, not only to help remind you to sleep on your side (better circulation for baby) but to also give your body support and help you feel more comfortable because growing a baby ain’t easy!

I find it interesting that Tamahiyo’s pregnancy pillow came in first place in a survey by Tamahiyo but anyway… Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt! This is apparently a favorite because of its thick cushioning and you can wash the entire pillow.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about this brand:

  • Helps during both pregnancy and after as a breastfeeding pillow


2nd Place: sandesica

3rd Place: カーメイト(AILEBEBE)


Best Brand for Maternity Clothing in Japan


This perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise as Uniqlo is known for its comfy yet affordable clothing.

Although it can be hard to find a Uniqlo store that carries maternity clothing (at least it was for me back in 2019), it seems that Japanese moms-to-be like this brand the best.

One thing I noticed in the comments is that since their clothing comes in several sizes, you can wear items that aren’t “maternity” clothes (which is exactly what I did!).

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about this brand:

  • The maternity pants are comfortable and stretchy


2nd Place: Nishimatsuya

3rd Place: Akachan Honpo

4th Place: GU

5th Place: Shimamura


Best Brand for Maternity Underwear in Japan


Given Uniqlo’s reputation for comfort, it’s no wonder that it came in first place for maternity undies. I wish I had been able to snag some because I love their non-wired bras and bra tops. (The straps of their non-wired bras get stretched after a while, though.)

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about the brand:

  • Comfortable
  • Underwear (bottoms) go over the belly completely
  • Jeans feel comfortable around the belly


2nd Place: Inujirushi

3rd Place: Wacoal


Best Postpartum Shapewear Brand in Japan


犬印本舗 産後すぐニッパー S3054R ピンク L

Due to my emergency C-section, I never ended up wearing the postpartum shapewear that I bought (I didn’t want to take any chances). This is why I don’t think I can comment personally on whether or not it’s helpful when providing support.

However, mothers in Japan found Inujirushi to be the best brand for shapewear as it comes with different items for various needs.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about this brand:

  • Comfortable


2nd Place: Pigeon 

3rd Place: Wacoal


Best Mugicha Drinks for Expectant Mothers in Japan

伊藤園 健康ミネラルむぎ茶 600ml×24本

Caffeine is sadly one of the things pregnant women should cut back on, but thankfully, mugicha (barley tea) has zero caffeine, is easy to find, and tastes great.

My go-to (as well as my toddler’s) is Itoen, which made first place as the best mugicha.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about it:


2nd Place: Suntory’s GREEN DA・KA・RA Yasashi Mugicha

3rd Place: Yakan Mugicha 


Best Caffeine-Free Drinks for Expectant Mothers in Japan

Sokenbicha Caffeine Zero 


When it comes to bottled caffeine-free tea that you can easily find at any convenience store, Japan is definitely the place to be because there’s so much variety.

The most popular caffeine-free tea as voted by mothers-to-be in Japan is Sokenbicha Caffeine Zero as it’s refreshing, tastes good, and can be found at many convenience and grocery stores.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about it:

  • Easy to find at places such as family restaurants


2nd Place: Asahi’s 16 Blend Tea

3rd Place: Kirin’s Namacha Decaf


Best Caffeine-Free Coffee for Expectant Mothers in Japan

UCC Oishii Caffeineless Coffee

お・い・し・いカフェインレス UCC おいしいカフェインレスコーヒー ドリップコーヒー 18杯 126g

I tried a lot of different caffeine-free coffee in Japan and the only one I liked was from the convenience store LAWSON.

But of course, it’s easier (and cheaper) to pour yourself a cup of instant coffee. This UCC caffeine-free coffee comes in both a powder type and a drip type.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about it:

  • Closest tasting to the real thing


2nd Place: Nescafe Gold Blend Caffeineless

3rd Place: Blendy Regular Coffee Caffeineless


Best Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Expectant Mothers in Japan

Kagome’s Yasai Sekatsu 100 Original

カゴメ 野菜生活100 オリジナル 200ml×24本

When you have morning sickness, it can be a struggle to get (or keep down) nutrients. This is why drinking fruit and veggie juice is a good way to keep yourself and your growing baby healthy during this important time.

Kagome’s fruit and vegetable juice was voted as the best for mothers-to-be because of its drinkability, even for those who don’t like fruit and vegetable juice.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about it:

  • Delicious
  • Refreshing


2nd Place: Itoen’s Ichinichibun no Yasai

3rd Place: Kagome’s Yasai Ichinichibun Koreippon


Best Nutritional Jelly Drink for Expectant Mothers in Japan

Morinaga’s in Jelly

inゼリー エネルギー マスカット味 (180g×6個)すばやいエネルギー補給 10秒チャージ ビタミンC配合 おにぎりおよそ1個分 エネルギー180kcal 森永製菓

Another way to get those essential nutrients is through jelly drinks, which are both safe and easy to drink, portable, found at any convenience or grocery store, and can be bought in bulk online.

Morinaga’s “in Jelly” line is a favorite of mine and something I drank sometimes when I was pregnant, so I’m happy to see it voted as the best nutritional jelly drink by expectant mothers. It helped me feel better while giving me energy and tasted good as well. in Jelly also comes in different flavors and types.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about it:

  • Tastes good


2nd Place: Orihiro’s Purunto Konyaku Jelly

3rd Place: Calorie Mate Jelly


Best Folic Acid Supplements for Expectant Mothers in Japan

Pigeon Folic Acid (Yousan) Plus

ピジョン サプリメント 葉酸プラス 30粒入

Folic acid (葉酸 or yousan) is a must-have when you’re pregnant in order to help prevent your child from developing a neural tube defect in the womb. I cover all the different folic acid supplements in Japan in this article and among them, Pigeon’s Folic Acid Plus is the most popular folic acid supplement this year and in previous years as well.

(My favorite, a chewable tablet by Beanstalkmom, didn’t make the cut this year but as I mentioned in my overview of folic acid supplements, the citrus taste might be hit-or-miss. However, some of my friends ended up trying Beanstalkmom’s tablets and they loved it!)

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about it:

  • Pigeon is a trusted brand
  • Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals in one tablet
  • Easy to swallow


2nd Place: Dear-Natura Folic Acid

3rd Place: DHC Folic Acid

4th Place: elevit

5th Place: Mama Lula 

Best Boshi Techo Case Brand for Expectant Mothers in Japan

Gelato Pique

[ジェラート ピケ] CAT母子手帳ケースM PWGG212788 レディース LGRY

Buying a boshi techo (Mother and Child Health Handbook) case is exciting because there are so many cute and stylish designs out there. This case is meant to hold not only your handbook but also cards and other important documents related to both you and your child. And remember, you’ll be using this case way past your pregnancy so it’s good to invest in something you’ll love and will last a while.

Gelato Pique’s products are of great quality and the designs are simple yet kawaii. Their boshi techo cases are waterproof and the inside has an antimicrobial and deodorant finish.


2nd Place: MUJI

3rd Place: Familiar


Best Grocery Delivery Service


I wish I had known about grocery delivery services in Japan when I was pregnant. Although my husband was amazing about cooking anything I wanted for me (when I had an appetite), it would have helped both of us to get groceries (and meal-kits!) delivered — especially after the baby was born!

Co-op also has a lot of great little freebies for new parents. If you want to find out more, check out my review on Co-op.

What mothers-to-be in Japan like about it:

  • You can get heavy things like water and rice delivered to your door.
  • Very useful both during and after pregnancy.
  • Saves time and you can stay home instead of going out.


2nd Place: Oisix

3rd Place: Rakuten Net Su-pa

Wrap-up: Best Pregnancy Products in Japan

I hope this look at the best pregnancy products in Japan has been helpful to you. 

Bringing another life into the world is tough work but thankfully Japan is a great country that provides lots of products and support for new moms. 

If you’re interested, make sure to check out other articles I’ve written about pregnancy in Japan as well as things to do when you’re expecting.

Thanks for reading and have a healthy and safe pregnancy!  

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