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Best Baby and Toddler Products in Japan for 2024

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

If you’re wondering what are the best baby and toddler products in 2024 as voted by parents in Japan, you’ve come to the right place!

The other rankings focused on favorite pregnancy products and products for newborns. This time we’ll be looking at favorites for raising babies and toddlers, as well as products that make life in Japan much easier. These results are based on a 2024 poll by Tamahiyo, a Japanese company that publishes information for new parents and releases a yearly ranking of the best products for parents.

I found some new products through this year’s ranking as well as some that I have used and am still using! It’s overall a helpful list, so whether you’re a parent-to-be, a new parent, or have your second or third now, it’s worth checking out.


Best Electric Nasal Aspirator for Babies in Japan

Baby Smile Merushi Pot

An electric nasal aspirator makes it easy to remove mucus from your child’s nose (although your child will either love it or hate it — mine is the latter).

I have been using one by Pigeon and have no complaints, but had I known that Baby Smile’s has won multiple awards, I perhaps would have bought it instead. It’s also been recently updated and is now quieter and smaller than the previous version.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Powerful
  • Gets even the most stubborn mucus out

Best Manual Nasal Aspirator for Babies in Japan

CHIBOJI Nasal Aspirator Handy Type

I can completely see why this manual nasal aspirator made first place this year. Other ones require you to suck the snot out using a tube but thankfully your lips don’t need to touch this one! Instead, you use a pump to manually get the snot out.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Removes snot easily so you don’t have to put it into the nostril too much
  • Portable
  • Easy to wash
  • Doesn’t make noise
  • Affordable

Best Pull-Up Diapers for Babies in Japan

Pampers Hada e no Ichiban

This made first place for the best diaper for newborns and parents continue to be a fan as their baby grows as it ranked as the best for pull-up diapers.

As I mentioned in several of my articles, I am a huge fan of this brand and used it for my daughter when she was in tape-type diapers. It’s gentle, absorbent, and has zero leakage. I preferred Merries pull-up diapers, though.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • No leakages despite being thinner than other brands
  • Easy to put on baby
  • Great for babies on the move


2nd Place: Pampers Sarasara Care

3rd Place: Merries

Best Body Soap for Babies in Japan

Biore u Foam Body Soap

Biore is a reputable brand known in many countries, so it’s something many parents feel safe about using. This gentle body soap is also not geared specifically for babies, which means it can be used by the whole family.

(As both my skin and my daughter’s skin are extremely sensitive, we use Curel body wash.)

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • A little goes a long way
  • Useful when taking a shower or bath with your child


2nd Place: arau foam body soap

Best Hand Sanitizer for Babies in Japan


With the pandemic, we’re now all very familiar with hand sanitizers. I’ve been using this sanitizer since before my daughter was born and I’m still a fan.

Despite containing alcohol, it’s gentle (very important for someone with eczema), not sticky, and you can buy it in both a pump bottle and a small portable bottle that you can attach to your bag.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Not sticky
  • Gentle


2nd Place: Biore u 

3rd Place: Kirei Kirei

Best Milky Lotion for Babies in Japan

Mama&Kids Baby Milky Lotion

This made first place as the best lotion for newborns and it seems that parents are happy enough with the quality to continue using it as their baby grows.

I have a travel set that I use for both me and my daughter when we go to the in-laws or on other trips and I’ve been very impressed with the quality. It’s gentle and has great spreadability. I’ll admit that it’s too expensive for my budget to buy a full-sized bottle, though, so for now, the travel set is good enough.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Spreads smoothly and easily
  • Contains similar amino acids, biofilm, and ceramide as in the womb

Best Skin Cream for Babies in Japan

Mama & Kids Baby Milky Cream

This also ranked as the best skin cream for newborns. It has a silky texture and is very moisturizing, and best of all doesn’t irritate my skin or my daughter’s. The cream should be used after the lotion on areas that get dry easily.

It also comes in the travel set if you want to try it out before committing to an entire bottle, but you can also get a free sample through various websites.

What parents in Japan like about Mama&Kids Baby Milky Cream:

  • Great for preventing dry skin in winter
  • Keeps skin moisturized all-day


Best Vaseline for Babies in Japan

Baby Vaseline (ベビーワセリン)

This is another product that made first place in the ranking for best newborn baby products. This vaseline contains no parabens, colorants, or fragrances so it is gentle and great to use on dry areas or rashes to help protect your child’s delicate skin.

What parents in Japan like about Baby Vaseline:

  • Helps prevent rashes

Best Deodorizing and Sterilizing Spray in Japan


I imagine we all know about Febreeze, and what I love about this particular one in their series of air fresheners is that it’s fragrance-free and additive-free, making it safe for babies. It’s also been tested under the supervision of dermatologists so it doesn’t irritate a baby’s sensitive skin.

(That being said, of course don’t spray this directly on your baby! I also use it only at night so the surface, such as a couch, is dry before she touches it. I’m a little overprotective…)

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Removes body odors and smells from cooking
  • Can be used on the futon or couch


Best Brand for Baby Formula in Japan

Meiji Hohoemi

I got several free samples of this when I was pregnant but never ended up using any of them because my daughter could only drink ICREO formula. However, this cube-type formula is super easy to prepare as you just have to pop the necessary number of cubes into a bottle, pour in milk, swirl the bottle around and it’s done!

It’s especially nice when you’re traveling as unlike stick-type portable formula, you can prepare the exact amount of formula your baby needs and nothing goes to waste.

I have heard, though, that this can be harder to dissolve compared to loose powder. Hohoemi formula also comes in a can (which I also got for free!), meaning you can use it at any time without needing to find hot water and dissolve the cubes. Great for outings!

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Portable so great for outings or trips

Best Brand for Follow-Up Formula for Babies in Japan


After my daughter was discharged from the hospital, the first formula I gave her to supplement breastmilk was Haihai (はいはい) by Wakodo.

One reason we chose はいはい is that it was very affordable and had good reviews, but she didn’t take too well to it and we ended up switching back to what she drank in the hospital (ICREO).

Although she had trouble with はいはい, she had no problems with its follow-up formula ぐんぐん at around the age of two. And thank goodness for that, because our wallets couldn’t handle ICREO’s follow-up formula!

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Contains vitamins, calcium, and minerals


2nd Place: BeanStalk Tsuyoiko

3rd Place:  Meiji Step (ステップ)

Best Brand for Toddler Drinks in Japan


This is another category where Wakodo has overtaken Pigeon this year. These drinks are affordable, can be found at almost any baby store, supermarket, or drugstore, and come in a variety of types and flavors.

My daughter has had both Pigeon and Wakodo and she enjoys both. When my daughter was younger, I had a few packs of the pictured barley tea in my daughter’s emergency bag and put one box in her little purse for outings when it’s just the two of us. It’s something she looked forward to and I saved money not having to buy a drink from the convenience store or vending machine.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Great for summer and children like to drink it
  • Perfect size for kids

Best Sippy Cup Brand for Babies in Japan


I’m excited that my tried and true favorite, Richell, has gotten first place this year. I have used the pictured cup for my daughter for over three years now, and almost every day! And it’s still in great condition. An absolutely perfect purchase that I would recommend to any parent.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Easy to wash
  • Doesn’t leak or spill
  • Has three different parts so your child can transition easily from drinking from a straw to a mug


Best Natural Water Dispenser Rental Service in Japan

Premium Water 

A water dispenser is something we’ve been thinking about but never got around to trying (perhaps I need to remedy that soon?). It’s an easy way to have filtered water at home that’s free of chemicals and tastes great. The water can also be used to prepare formula, which means no more waiting around in the middle of the night for the kettle to finish boiling water while your newborn screams bloody murder. Premium Water’s award-winning water dispensers come in stylish designs, so it’s something that won’t look bulky or ugly in your home.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Can be used to prepare formula
  • Comes in different colors
  • Easy to use


2nd Place: Suntory

Best Brand for Baby Feeding Sets in Japan


As mentioned earlier, I’m a big fan of Richell, and most of the feeding supplies I used for my daughter when she started eating solid food were Richell. The quality is great and they are functional and easy to use (for both of us!).

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Contains various essential cutlery and dishes for starting solid food
  • Comes with multiple bowls in different sizes

Best Plastic Wrap for Baby Food in Japan


When preparing solid food for your baby, plastic wrap will become your best friend, especially when following Japanese recipes. And then when you have a toddler who doesn’t finish their meal (like mine), you’ll again turn to plastic wrap to cover their food until they’re hungry again (or for their next meal).

My family has been using Saranwrap for quite a long time. There was a time when we tried other plastic wraps but in the end, Saranwrap was the best in terms of its selection of sizes, easiness to tear, heat resistance, and adhesiveness.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Microwave-safe
  • Good for covering small dishes of food to store in the microwave
  • Easy to tear off
  • Very adhesive

Best Freezer Tray for Baby Food in Japan


I’m not surprised to see another Richell product voted as the best, this time for freezer trays. In my article on baby food in Japan, I mention how much I love Richell’s trays and I still feel this way.

Although my daughter has graduated from baby food, I continue to use the Richell freezer trays for things like homemade pizza sauce. These are so easy to use as the frozen cubes just pop out with the smallest push from the bottom. This means no more banging and contorting freezer trays to get those cubes out, because with a baby, who has time for that?!

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Easy to remove frozen cubes of food


Best Kitchen Appliance for Baby Food in Japan


Stick blender, immersion blender, hand blender — whatever you call it, if you don’t have one, you need one. When you’re preparing large amounts of baby food, this is so helpful to puree the food in seconds. It also comes with different attachments so this all-in-one is a great investment.

I have this one by Braun, which is very affordable, and I continue to use it for things like soups and sauces.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Comes with different attachments so you can make various kinds of food for your child at different stages of their solid food journey
  • Slim so it doesn’t take up much room, and it looks nice
  • Easy to use

Best Ready-Made Baby Food (5-8 months) Brand in Japan

Wakodo Tezukuri Ouen

There are different brands like Pigeon and Morinaga that have ready-made baby food, but Wakodo Wakodo Tezukuri Ouen is considered the best by parents in Japan for babies just starting their solid food journey and then continuing on, so ages 5-8 months.

I like these because all you need to do is empty the powder into a bowl, add hot water, and mix. Then it’s done!

I’m going to admit that the only ready-made baby food my daughter liked when she first started solids was rice porridge (okayu) and soups, but both were from this series, so I get why parents like it the best.

(After that, my daughter pretty much hated everything else, so I would advise against buying anything in bulk.)

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Other ingredients can be easily mixed in
  • Lots of variety and easy to use by simply adding hot water

Runner Ups

2nd Place: Wakodo Hajimete no Rinyuushoku

3rd Place: Kewpie Baby Food


Best Ready-Made Baby Food (9-11 months) Brand in Japan

Wakodo Goo Goo Kitchen

Wakodo Goo Goo Kitchen is considered the best instant baby food by parents in Japan for babies ages 9-11 months in 2023. These are pouches that can be boiled or have their contents poured into a microwave-safe bowl and then heated up.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • The size of the ingredients changes based on age/stage
  • Slim and portable
  • Comes in various flavors including some with a day’s worth of vegetables in it

Runner Ups

2nd Place: Wakodo Tezukuri Ouen

3rd Place: Wakodo Eiyou Marushe

Best Brand for Baby Snacks in Japan


Last year Pigeon took first place but this year it’s Wakodo. This is another brand that is beloved when it comes to baby food, including snacks (おやつ・oyatsu). Wakodo’s snacks come in rice crackers, biscuits, cookies, and puffs, and in a variety of flavors as well.

They contain calcium and various other nutrients, so you can feel good about treating your baby. Depending on the snack, you can start giving it to your baby from 6 months and up and some are portable.

I especially like the packs with three different kinds of snacks. After all, variety is the spice of life and little ones know this early on!

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Easy for little ones to hold
  • Free of artificial fragrances, colors, and preservatives
  • Contains nutrients


Best Yogurt for Babies in Japan

Baby Danone

And yet another product my daughter loves! Baby Danone is suitable for children ages 6-24 months and comes in various flavors like plain, strawberry, carrot and apple, green veggies, and yellow veggies.

My daughter is a picky eater but she has had one of these as dessert since she started eating them at about 7 months old. In fact, she demands it.

We tried switching to another yogurt now that she’s older but she won’t have it. You can generally find these at any supermarket, although I haven’t seen them at my local Donki.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Kids love it
  • Nutritious

Best Play Gym and Mobile in Japan for Babies

Winnie the Pooh 6-Way Mobile

The mobile and play gym that made first place can be used in six different ways for babies up to a year old. The usage changes as your child grows, so it’s certainly a multifunctional toy that is a great investment.


2nd Place: Anpanman 8-Way Mobile

Best Toy in Japan to Develop Baby’s Motor Skills

Okome series (toys made from rice)

These block toys are safe for children since they’re made entirely from rice! And not just any rice, Japanese rice.

This means kids can chew and lick these toys and parents don’t have to worry about strange chemicals going into their bodies.


2nd Place: Itazura Yaritai Houdai 

Best Indoor Toy in Japan for Babies and Toddlers

Anpanman Car

I got this for my daughter’s first birthday and although she was apprehensive at first, she warmed up to it and soon was tearing through the living room and down the hallway in it.

She played with it for three years before we sold it on Mercari. I think she still would have played with it but we were moving to a new house and needed to get rid of some things.


2nd Place: Anpanman Walker

Best Sleep Aid in Japan for Babies and Toddlers

Oyasumi Home Theatre

This toy projects a stained glass-like Disney picture onto the ceiling while playing soothing music to help your little one fall asleep.

Although I have my reservations about having a lit-up picture on the wall while a baby sleeps, the light is supposed to be baby-friendly. Alongside sounds that imitate the womb, the product also boasts an original, relaxing melody that was developed with the Japan Acoustic Lab, which helps lull babies to sleep.


2nd Place: Disney いっしょにねんね すやすやメロディ

Best Stroller Brand in Japan for Babies and Toddlers

Aprica’s Magical Air Series

Aprica ranked as the best stroller brand for newborns and it continues to be a favorite with parents as their baby grows.

The Magical Air series is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The seatbelt has magnets that make it easy to close (important when you have a fussy toddler) and the tires make it easy to go over bumpy terrain. Parents also like that the basket at the bottom is wide so it can hold many things.

This stroller is recommended for babies 7 months and up, and until they’re 15 kg.


2nd Place: LIBELLE by Cybex

3rd Place: Bingle series by Pigeon

Best Air Purifier Brand in Japan for Babies and Toddlers


We have three (!) air purifiers in our home and I can’t recommend them enough when you have a newborn. As indicated by the name, air purifiers help remove contaminants from the air in the room, and when you have allergies, this is essential.

All of our air purifiers are from Sharp and the oldest one we have, which we bought seven years ago, is still in perfect condition, so considering its quality and performance, it makes sense that Sharp has been ranked as the best in this category.

Best Laundry Detergent in Japan for Babies and Toddlers


When I decided my daughter was old enough to no longer need baby-specific laundry detergent, I switched to Sarasa and haven’t looked back. I’m glad to see that many other parents in Japan agree with me! This is a gentle laundry detergent that’s free of additives and contains botanical ingredients. It’s also great at what it’s supposed to do — make your clothes nice and clean.

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Can be used to wash your entire family’s clothes
  • Gentle

Best Fabric Softener in Japan for Babies and Toddlers


Since Sarasa ranked as the best laundry detergent, it makes sense that the same brand would be voted as the best fabric softener.

I have been using Sarasa softener for two years now and I have no complaints! It’s gentle and our clothes are soft.

Best Washing Machines in Japan for Parents


We bought this front-loading Panasonic laundry machine this year and I am so happy with the decision. It also dries clothes perfectly.

This is why I’m not surprised to see Panasonic in first place in this category. It’s sleek and does a great job at getting out stains, not to mention is durable and high-quality.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in Japan for Parents


Honestly, I would have been surprised if another robot vacuum brand made first place because Roomba is the robot vacuum. The one pictured also empties on its own and you can control it using an app on your phone.

We had an iLife robot vacuum for a while before deciding to upgrade to the Ecovacs Deebot, which we got during Amazon’s Hatsuuri sale. It has the same functions as the previously mentioned Roomba, and I have to say I’m quite pleased with it.

I’ve saved so much time not having to manually vacuum or empty out the bin (like I did for iLife) and if you look for a sale like we did, this can be considerably cheaper than a Roomba. The Ecovacs Deebot also has a mopping function, which means it’s an excellent two-in-one robot vacuum that’s certainly worth the price.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in Japan for Parents


Dyson is another famous brand in the appliance world. I have a Dyson hairdryer and it’s fantastic, but I haven’t quite made the jump to the vacuum yet for a few reasons. My mother-in-law (the Queen of Clean) prefers the Makita cordless vacuum over her Dyson as it’s lighter and easier to use. Since it’s a fraction of the price of a Dyson, we got one as well.

We’ve had our Makita for about four years now and couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I might upgrade to a Dyson in the future but for now, the Makita is good enough for me.

Best Electric Bicycles in Japan for Parents

Bridgestone bikke

If you’ve read my article about electric bicycles for families in Japan, then you’ll know that this wasn’t the bike for me. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good because this year and the previous year as well, parents in Japan voted this as the best!

What parents in Japan like about it:

  • Easy to ride
  • Looks cute
  • You can attach a child seat to the front where the basket is

Best Grocery Delivery Service


Co-op made first place for the best grocery delivery service for mothers who are expecting and parents with newborns, and it continues to reign as number one as their baby grows.

We signed up for Co-op in Kanto when my daughter was about six months old and continue to use it in Kansai. You get a lot of freebies if you sign up as well, such as food for parents and babies.

Read my review about Co-op’s delivery service to find out more.

Wrap-up: Best Baby and Toddler Products in Japan for 2024

I hope this look at what products parents in Japan like for their little ones has been helpful to you.

Maybe like me, you’ve found some products that you already used or learned something new!

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