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Best Amazon Japan Black Friday 2022 Deals for Pregnancy, Babies, and Toddlers

It’s that time of year again!

As always, I’ll be sharing what I think are great Black Friday deals on Amazon Japan for parents of little ones, or for those of you expecting a new addition to your family. I’ve already bought some Christmas presents today for my daughter!

These deals are on from now until December 1st. If you’re interested in any of the items below, click on their name or image to be taken to their Amazon retailer. And remember, you can rack up extra points if you have Prime, shop with the Amazon app, and/or use the Amazon Mastercard.

Needless to say, this post contains affiliate links. Any compensation I receive (at no extra cost to you) will go directly to the yearly hosting fee of this website so I can keep it going for as long as possible.

Black Friday Deals in Japan For Baby Products

Diapers, Diapers, and MORE DIAPERS!

Now is a great time to stock up on diapers if needed. Like in previous years, diapers for newborns to toddlers by brands like Merries, Pampers, Mamy Poko, Genki!, Moony and GOO.N are on sale for Black Friday.

I am a fan of Merries, so if you have a newborn or are going to have a baby soon, try these!

I picked up some of these Oyasumiman overnight diapers for my toddlers, which I absolutely love.

If you need some help narrowing down which diapers to get, read my review on diapers in Japan for newborns as well as pants-type ones.

Fisherprice Sanrio Bilingual Baby Talking Forest House 

This is so cute! I love how this little house has various things for babies from 9 months and up to do to improve their motor and problem-solving skills, like slots for different shapes. It also speaks both Japanese and English so your child can learn about basic numbers and shapes. The house comes with a little Hello Kitty doll as well, so I can see a child playing with this for a while.


Fisherprice Soothe ‘N Snuggle Otter

This cuddly otter is safe for newborns and helps them relax and sleep with its soft lights, by playing music and mimicking breathing motions. Best of all, you can customize it according to what works best for your baby. In a survey, 84% of parents in Japan said they would recommend this toy to other parents. It’s also safe for the washing machine!


Fisherprice Rainforest Jumperoo

My daughter loved playing in this when she was a baby. There are a lot of different things to do other than jump, with hanging toys, spinning toys, lights, and music. It does take up quite a bit of room but if you have the space, I highly recommend getting this to provide you with a short break while your little one bounces around. We were also able to re-sell it on Mercari for a great price!

If you’re looking for something smaller, this 4-in-1 bilingual piano gym by Fisher-Price is also a great option.

Check out other play gyms on sale here.


Monpoke Combi Microwavable Bottle Sterilizer (コンビ電子レンジ除菌)

I’ve mentioned this product before in my article on baby products you should (and shouldn’t) buy before your little one comes. And now there’s a Monpoke one! I wish this was around when my daughter was little!

This sterilizer is a great price, compact, very easy to use, and not to mention cute. I highly recommend it.



Combi Nail Care Set

This is another great item I mentioned in my article on what to get for your newborn. I’ve been using this for over three years now for my daughter, and myself as well! An extremely good investment.


Konny Carrier

Here’s another favorite of mine for newborns. This award-winning baby carrier is light and great for carrying a newborn! We also resold it on Mercari for close to the price we bought it for once our daughter was too heavy for it.



Fisher-Price Bilingual Learning Box

This toy is jam-packed with fun things for your little one to do, such as learn about numbers, colors, music, and shapes, as well as practice their hand-eye coordination. The toy is in both Japanese and English as well, so it’s great for a bilingual baby.

Browse other toys for infants on sale for Black Friday.

Imou Baby Monitor

If your baby is going to sleep in another room from you, now or eventually, then a baby monitor is a must to help ease your mind since you can easily check up on them. This one connects to your smartphone and has two-way speaker and audio so you can speak to your child from another room.

Browse other baby monitors on sale for Black Friday.

Combi Hi-Low Chair

We had one of these when my daughter was little. Although for my family it wasn’t a must, for some people this is extremely helpful. When your child is a newborn, you can place them inside and the chair will gently rock back and forth to different music to help them sleep. It also functions as a high or low chair with a tray so your child can eat there or play with toys, etc., when they’re able to sit up.


There are a ton of strollers on sale for Black Friday this year. If you need help narrowing down which one to get, read my article  on the best newborn products for babies in 2022.

Black Friday Deals in Japan For Toddlers

Hape Rainbow Puzzle Railway

What kid doesn’t like trains? And this wooden train set is colorful and incredibly interactive. They can not only build tracks but also match shapes, have the train go over a tiny xylophone, play some small tambourines, and loop beads through mazes.Brio

Brio Builder Starter Set

If your toddler is like mine, they may be interested in building and fixing things. This is why I think this set is excellent for developing curious minds. It comes with  49 pieces that allow kids to create all sorts of things by using toy nuts, bolts, screws, wrenches, pliers, and more. The price is also incredibly low for this sale, so I think it’s an excellent deal.

You might also want to consider the Hape Carpenter Tool Box. It has fewer pieces but might be less intimidating for younger children.

Learning Resources First Experiment Set

I thought I had already gotten everything for Christmas for my daughter until I saw this. She has a HUGE interest in chemistry experiments thanks to watching Emily’s Wonder Lab so I know she would be delighted with this. It’s never too early to get kids into science and this set helps them feel like they’re working in a lab. What I like about the set is that it also provides simple experiments so you can easily get the supplies from the grocery store once everything runs out (you probably already have most!).

Lego Duplo Super Deluxe

My daughter got this for her first birthday from a friend and she’s been playing with it ever since. She loves making different things with the blocks and playing with the car. It also really helps that it comes with a container for everything!

Amazon Fire Kids Tablet

In my post on traveling internationally with a toddler, I mentioned that this tablet might be a good investment to keep toddlers entertained as it comes with free downloads of apps, movies, and shows for one year. It’s also something that would be helpful if you need your child to be occupied, such as while you’re eating somewhere.

CATCH Me! おりたたみロングスロープ キッズパーク

This is a best-selling foldable indoor playset with a swing, a slide, and plenty of bars for your little one to hang off of in the safety of their own home. My in-laws ended up snagging this Black Friday deal two years ago and gifted it to A for Christmas. She LOVES it, although if you have a smaller place, I would recommend getting one without a swing.


Browse other toys for toddlers on sale for Black Friday.


New Balance Shoes

Shoes are something you’re going to need at least two of if your child is in daycare or preschool, and you’re going to go through them fast as your child grows. But I think investing in good shoes is important for your child’s development, and at this price, it’s worth it. Note that the price changes according to the size and style of the shoe.

Browse other baby and toddler shoes on sale for Black Friday.

Black Friday Deals in Japan For Pregnancy Products

Meiz Maternity Body Pillow

This was one of my favorite items when I was pregnant and is a must-have for any mother-to-be who hasn’t gotten one yet.  These pillows help improve blood circulation and reduce the chance of stillbirth. And regardless of that, it helped me feel supported and less uncomfortable as my belly grew bigger.

Maternity Tights

As it’s getting colder, it’s time to break out the tights. But for those of you who are expecting, it’s a good idea to invest in some maternity tights, which will cover your growing tummy. Not to mention these are super comfy.

Postpartum underwear (産褥ショーツ・sanjyoku shotsu)

When giving birth in Japan, there’s a lot you need to prepare in advance, including buying special postpartum underwear called 産褥ショーツ (sanjyoku shotsu).


Browse the full range of maternity and baby items that are on sale for Black Friday on Amazon Japan.

Black Friday Deals in Japan For Parents

Alexa Echo Show 5

We bought this last year during Black Friday because of its smart display. We use it to set timers, check the weather, hear the news, and play whatever music our daughter likes. The Echo Show lets you make video calls, displays pictures, and plays shows using services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The price is extremely good this year, less than what it was for Black Friday last year, so I think if you’re looking for at the very least a digital photo frame, this is a great option (that comes with lots of extras, of course).


Kindle Paperwhite

I own this and it’s a great way to have access to all the books, magazines, manga, etc., you need at any time. It’s very light and portable, fitting perfectly into my purse and diaper bag, and it’s waterproof, so you can read in the bath as well. So why am I recommending this for parents? Well, firstly for a mental health break. Second, with Kindle Unlimited (which is free for the first month or only 99 yen for three months), you’ll have access to a ton of free or heavily discounted English and Japanese reading material (books, magazines, manga, etc.), including those on parenting.

Ponbaby Diaper Bag 

I love how this diaper bag has various easy-to-reach pockets and specific spots for bottles. You can attach it easily to a stroller or suitcase as well. It is also ergonomic so there’s less stress on your body when you wear it.

Browse all the diaper bags on sale for Black Friday.

iRobot Braava Jet 240

Okay, I know what you must be thinking — why is this on your recommended list? Well, when you have a kid, time becomes much more valuable and hard to find, which is why having something to clean the floor daily for you is so important. We own one (wish we got it at this Black Friday price, though!) and it’s really useful. We felt much better about our daughter crawling around, and now walking, and we can just set this and forget it. Note that it doesn’t do heavy-duty cleaning, but if you use it every day, you won’t need to scrub the floors on your hands and knees yourself. I also love its compact size.

Ecovacs Deebot

I bought this last year during Amazon’s Black Friday sale and although it isn’t perfect, it has certainly helped a ton. I’ve saved so much time not having to manually vacuum or empty out the bin (like I did for iLife) and during Black Friday, it’s considerably cheaper than a Roomba. The Ecovacs Deebot also has a mopping function, which means it’s an excellent two-in-one robot vacuum that’s certainly worth the price.


Have you found any great deals that I should know about? If so, let me know in the comments!

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