Baby Rooms in Japan for Breastfeeding, Changing Diapers, and More

baby room in Japan

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Baby rooms are something that made me realize how child-friendly Japan is, especially after my friends abroad commented that they wished they had a similar type of facility.

If you’re looking for a clean place in Japan to breastfeed, change your baby’s diaper, find hot water, or warm up food, baby rooms are your best bet.  

Baby rooms are typically found in shopping malls like AEON, LaLaport, Sunshine City, department stores such as Isetan, Mitsukoshi, and Daimaru, and in Babies R Us. They are in many attractions like Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland as well.

The MamaPapaMap (ママパパマップ) app is also a great way to find these rooms near you, so I highly recommend downloading it.

Signs for baby rooms typically include the kanji “授乳室” (breastfeeding or nursing room), as shown below, or simply “Baby Room”. There’s also an icon that’s baby-related, such as a bottle, a parent holding a baby, or a diaper, making it super easy to understand for people from around the world. 

how to find a baby room in japan

Here’s a quick look at what to expect to find in a baby room.

Note that not all of these things will be in every baby room, but at the very least there will be a changing table and nursing room.

Changing Tables and Scales

changing tables and a scale in a baby room in japan

There are plenty of changing tables in baby rooms in Japan. Some have disposable changing mats, as shown on the left-hand side of the image above and in the image below, so you don’t have to use your own. I always liked using these with my daughter, although sometimes I needed more than one.

These rooms also have scales, as shown in the middle of the picture above, so you can weigh your baby.

Diaper Disposal Bins and Bags

Diaper garbage disposal in Japan

Baby rooms in Japan provide a bin where you can throw away dirty diapers, as well as individual garbage bags to put the diaper inside before throwing it away. You can toss the disposable changing mat here as well.   

There’s also hand sanitizer (消毒液). 

Nursing (Breastfeeding) Room

nursing room in Japan   

Baby rooms have individual rooms where you can breastfeed your child in privacy.

inside nursing room in Japan

These rooms typically have a chair or bench and a table for you to put your things.

Please note that men are not supposed to go inside these rooms. For those who are unsure about whether a place is a breastfeeding room, just look for a curtain. If there’s a curtain, don’t go inside.

Hot Water Dispenser and Microwave

hot water and microwave in baby room in Japan

If you need to prepare your baby’s formula or food, baby rooms provide hot water as well as a microwave. There’s usually a sink as well so you can rinse out a bottle or container.

Vending Machine for Kids

vending machine in baby room in Japan

Some baby rooms have a cute Anpanman vending machine filled with kid-friendly drinks such as apple juice and grape juice. Sometimes these have drinks that are probably for parents, such as milk coffee (カフェオレ) or plain old blend coffee (ブレンドコーヒ). 

If you don’t know how to read Japanese, use a translation app or play it safe by getting anything with the Anpanman character on it (the brown and red guy pictured on the vending machine in the image above). 

You can also look for the following words:

アップル (apple)

いちご (strawberry)

ヨーグルト (yogurt)

ぶどう (grape)

やさい (vegetable)

Baby Care Booths (mamaro)

There are also baby care booths called mamaro in various shopping malls and stations in Japan. These allow mothers to nurse their child in private, as well as change diapers or give their baby food. 

These are completely free to use and can be used by both genders since the booths only allow one person inside at a time and lock. There’s a power outlet as well so if you have your charger with you, you can charge your phone.

outside of nursing or breastfeeding booths in japan

Below is what the inside looks like. 

inside of nursing or breastfeeding booths in japan

Wrap-up: Baby Rooms in Japan 

As you can see, baby rooms are very helpful for parents in Japan with babies or toddlers. Parents can change and feed their child, all in one place, and the facilities provide what they can to help make things as easy and convenient as possible.  

I’m fairly certain every parent of little ones in Japan has used a baby room, including me, and it has definitely helped make raising a child in Japan much easier! 

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