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Rainy or Hot Days in Osaka with Kids: Indoor Activities

Wondering what to do with your kids when it’s pouring rain outside? How about when it’s so hot that you need to be somewhere cool inside?

I’ve been there, which is why I’ve created this article on things to do with kids when it’s raining or hot in Osaka. I’ll be adding to this list when I find more places, so keep an eye out for it! 

Universal Studios Japan

elmos bubble bubble universal studios japan usj with kids

Okay, you might be thinking I’m nuts for recommending this but hear me out. The kids’ area, specifically Universal Wonderland, has two indoor spaces and playgrounds, making it great for when it’s raining or hot out. My daughter can easily spend hours inside Imagination Playland and Snoopy’s Sound Adventure (in fact, it’s hard to get her to leave to see the rest of the park).

I’ve written an entire article about Universal Studios Japan (USJ) so make sure to give it a read!  

Cost: Kids three and under are free, kids ages 4 to 11 are 5600 yen, and visitors ages 12 and up are 8600 yen.


If you want an onsen experience with your family on a rainy day (or even a hot day if you’re up for it!), then this indoor onsen is a great place to visit. You can also rent yukata and walk around enjoying the atmosphere that’s like being at a Japanese festival. The only drawback is that if it’s raining, you might not be able to experience the rooftop garden area.

Another amusement park-like onsen is Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Minoh, but I found the facilities a bit old and lacking. (My daughter had fun at one of their concerts aimed at the elderly though, I don’t know what that says about her but I am living for it!)

Cost: Children ages 4-12 cost 1320 yen, 12 and up varies depending on the date, and children ages three and under are free.

Kids Plaza Osaka

kids plaza osaka science in japan shopping

This is an indoor, interactive science museum where kids can learn about all sorts of things through hands-on activities. There’s a huge indoor playground, too. Best of all, it’s only one stop from Osaka-Umeda Station! 

If you want to know more, read my article about Kids Plaza Osaka

NIFREL: Interactive Aquazoo

NIFREL aquarium with kids

This is a beautiful zoo located in northern Osaka near EXPOCITY. There’s no outdoor space so you can stay dry and cool inside while looking at all the different animals and marine creatures. My daughter also likes how bright the place is and that some of the animals can freely roam about.

When you’re done here (or even beforehand), definitely visit the mall next door, LALAPORT. It has tons of shops and places to eat. If you’re wondering what to buy for your kids, there’s an entire area with baby and kid shops on the 3rd floor. Check out KIDDY LAND for Hello Kitty merchandise and the Ghibli store on the 3rd floor as well!

Cost: Visitors ages 16 and up are 2200 yen, elementary and junior high school students are 1100 yen, children ages 3 to 6 are 650 yen, and children ages two and under are free.


CUP NOODLES Museum Osaka Ikeda

Cup noodles wall at the cup noodles museum in Osaka

This is maybe a half-day indoor activity but if you’re taking the train, it’s easy to go from here to NIFREL and LALAPORT. It’s relatively close to Osaka-Umeda Station, too.

Kids can enjoy learning about how to make CUP NOODLES and even get the chance to make some themselves! 

Cost: 500 yen to make CUP NOODLES, free to enter the building


bornelund in umeda osaka with kids

This is my go-to playdate location when it’s hot, raining, or cold outside since it’s located pretty much next to Osaka-Umeda Station in the Grand Front Building, which is easy to access for all of my friends.

Kids can easily spend the entire day at this indoor playground, and you can leave and come back on the same day if you want as well.

Cost: Varies depending on age, how long you’re staying, and whether it’s a weekday, weekend, or holiday. It’s also more expensive during spring vacation and winter vacation.

Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest

children's book forest library in Osaka

This library has three floors filled with children’s books. Keep in mind that most books are in Japanese and you need a reservation to enter.

There’s a 90-minute time limit and I found that the time went by very fast. However, my daughter had a great time choosing different books and having me read them to her.

Cost: Free!

Toy Toy Park

toy toy park for kids in osaka

A small facility, Toy Toy Park is located one stop away from Osaka Station. It contains a variety of toys for kids to play with such as Plarail, Pretty Cure (Precure), and Lego. Kids can also see passing trains from the window. 

Cost: 350 yen per visitor for one hour and 1800 yen for a day pass. 

Round 1

I’ve been a fan of this amusement center ever since I was a carefree single living in Japan for the first time. There is so much to do, and kids can enjoy it, too! I’m talking bowling, a game center, karaoke, billiards, batting cages, and more. 

There are lots of Round 1 locations throughout Osaka. Two that are in central locations include Round 1 Umeda and Round 1 Sennichimae.

ATC Asobi Mare

ATC asobi Mare

My daughter had so much fun at this indoor playground when she went here and I don’t blame her! They have bouncy castles, crane games, little rides, and costume areas.

Cost: 900 yen for kids ages 2 and up on weekdays and 1100 yen on weekends. Adults have to pay the entry fee as well.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

kaiyukan osaka aquarium with kids

This is a great place to visit when the weather isn’t the best. Among its many types of sealife includes whale sharks and it’s also one of the largest aquariums in the world! 

There’s a LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER nearby too, inside of a shopping mall called Tempozan Marketplace, so make sure to check that out! 

Cost: The cost might vary depending on the date. Children ages two and under are free, ages 3-6 are from 700 yen, ages 7-15 are from 1400 yen, and 16 and up are 2700 yen. 


This is one of my favorite chain of malls in Japan because it’s super kid-friendly! They usually have play areas and indoor playgrounds for kids. There are plenty of places to shop for kids as well.

AEON MALL in Osaka Dome City has two play areas, one on the 3rd floor (Kid’s Castle) for children ages 1 to 6, and a Kid’s Park in the 4th-floor food court for children 6 and under.

AEON MALL in Sakai Kita Hanada also has several free play areas for kids. 

Pokemon Cafe

Photo spot at Pokemon Cafe

If your kid is like mine, then they might be obsessed with Pokemon. This cafe is inside a department store that also has a Pokemon Center and a JUMP Shop, so there’s lots to see and do. Read my article about visiting the Pokemon Cafe with my daughter to know more about the experience!

Wrap-Up: Rainy and Hot Days in Osaka with Kids 

As you can see, there’s plenty to do with kids in Osaka when it’s raining out or sweltering hot. 

If you’re outside when it’s very hot, make sure to take the proper precautions to ensure your child stays cool and won’t suffer from heatstroke. Japanese summers are no joke! 

I hope this article has been helpful and I’ll make sure to update it when my daughter and I experience somewhere new! 

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