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    Hello and welcome!

    I wanted to create a space for international parents in Japan to be able to ask questions, connect, and search for information to help make navigating parenthood easier.

    Although I am more than happy to try to answer any questions parents or future parents in Japan have, I don’t have all the answers, and I am just one person. I believe it’s important to get diverse perspectives on a topic, which is why I am hoping that other parents in Japan will share their experiences and thoughts to help others. 

    I’m also hoping this will become a place where parents can connect and possibly make friends, especially considering how the pandemic has taken away many opportunities to meet other parents. I know there are other social media networks where parents in Japan can connect, but I wanted something less city/prefecture specific, as well as a place where there are no upvotes, likes, etc, and where helpful information related to parenting in Japan can be found more easily. 

    To register and contribute your thoughts, click here.

    The Rules

    This community is a safe, supportive, and positive space. Therefore, I expect the following from users:

    1. No abusive behavior

    Personal attacks of any form will not be tolerated. Treat other users with kindness and respect. Don’t be rude, condescending, or just plain mean. If you want to do that, go to Reddit or Facebook. This ain’t the place for it.

    This also applies to disagreements with another user. We’re individuals, everyone thinks differently. Some things we agree on, some we don’t. But don’t use this space to argue about something you don’t agree with. If you have a point you really want to convey, say it with the utmost respect and kindness.

    And absolutely do not disclose the personal information of others.

    2. No inappropriate content

    I don’t imagine I’ll see anything graphic, pornographic, or downright offensive from people interested in being a part of this community, but hey, this is the internet so I have to put a warning out. Don’t post anything like that, no one wants to see it.

    3. No spamming or advertising

    Please do not post things that are irrelevant, post repeatedly, link to products or websites.

    4. No personal information about kids!

    Okay, so if you’re familiar with my website, you know that I do not post pictures of my child or other children (such as the children of people who did interviews), nor do I post names. I don’t want my website to have personal information about other children on it as it makes me uncomfortable. Of course, I love getting to know everyone’s kids but the internet can be a scary place, and I want to do my part in ensuring the safety of children and the parents accessing this website.

    This isn’t something all parents feel the same way about, and I understand and respect that, but as this is my website, this is a rule I will be enforcing.


    There will likely be additions and revisions to these rules with time, and I reserve the right to apply future modifications to previous posts.

    Please also help keep this a safe space by reporting any behavior that breaks these rules or needs to be brought to my attention.

    Thank you for reading and post away!




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