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KidZania in Japan: Review of Koshien in Kobe Near Osaka

Last Updated: May 29, 2024
Written by Kay

If you’re looking for a fun and educational indoor activity for your child in Japan, look no further than KidZania. This international company has branches around the world, and Japan is no exception.

In this article, I’ll share everything you need to know about KidZania and my experience taking my child to KidZania so that parents know what to expect.

Overview of KidZania Japan

KidZania is a place where children can learn about different jobs by doing it themselves! It’s like a mini-town for kids that has lots of shops and services where children can either be employees or customers.

Kidzania in Japan

These shops and services are actual companies in Japan that are industry partners, like SEIKO and Yamato Transport. They provide uniforms so kids can really feel like they’re working there when they role-play as employees or customers.

yamato transport at KidZania Japan Koshien

Kids also get “paid” for jobs that they do with kidZos, a currency exclusive to KidZania. They can either deposit this money at the “bank”, use it to buy things, or use it to do certain jobs like being a florist. Kids also get cards with an illustration of the job they did. My daughter loved collecting these cards.

Kidzos at kidzania japan

Each activity (or job) lasts about thirty to forty minutes and parents are not allowed to participate or go inside the room. But parents are free to see what their kids are doing and take as many photos and videos as they want! (Note that this usually involves lots of standing, so wear comfortable shoes.)

There are also part-time jobs that are shorter, about 15 minutes, but none were available when we passed by the store or shop.

Where is KidZania in Japan?

There are three locations in Japan: KidZania Tokyo, KidZania Koshien, and KidZania Fukuoka.

KidZania Tokyo is located near Toyosu Station, which is only a 7-minute train ride from Yurakucho Station near Tokyo Station on the Yurakucho Line.

KidZania Koshien is located in Kobe and takes 12 minutes by train to Koshien Station from Osaka-Umeda Station, and 24 minutes from Kosoku Kobe Station. It’s then a 12-minute walk to KidZania Koshien from Koshien Station.

KidZania Fukuoka is located a 10-minute walk from Takeshita Station, which is a 3-minute train ride from Hakata Station. You can also take an 18-minute bus from Fukuoka Station bound for LaLaport Fukuoka that will drop you off right in front.

All locations are within LaLaport shopping malls.

How Much is the KidZania Japan Ticket Price and How to Get Tickets?

The ticket price depends on how long you will stay and the dates.

There are two shifts, a morning/afternoon one (Part 1) from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM or 5:00 PM OR 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and an evening one (Part 2) from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Doors open 30 minutes before the shift, so once you’re inside you can start booking activities. However, the activities won’t start until the shift officially begins.

You can start lining up early if you want to be one of the first people inside.

An 8-hour pass on a weekday costs 6000 yen for kids ages 3-6, 6600 yen for those in elementary school and junior high school, and 3600 yen for high school and up. Note that the English Activities Program costs more.

A 6-hour pass on a weekday costs 3800 yen for kids ages 3-6, 4000 yen for elementary school and junior high school kids, and 2300 yen for high school and up. Note that the English Activities Program costs more.

Weekends are more expensive but there are more options regarding how you can experience KidZania. For instance, you can have a 6-hour pass from 9 AM to 3 PM, or you can spend the entire day (so both shifts) at KidZania (the most expensive option).

You can either book tickets online or buy them in person on the day you’re visiting. Tickets start being told at KidZania from 7:15 AM if you want the morning shift (Part 1), and 9:30 AM for the evening shift (Part 2).

Online tickets are available through the KidZania website (you have to create an account) or through Klook for Koshien in Kobe.

Tickets can sell out fast and the first shift is sometimes gone several days beforehand! Also, keep in mind that KidZania is a popular place for school trips and for parents to bring kids during holidays and school vacations in Japan.

From What Age Can Kids Visit KidZania?

KidZania is for children from ages 3 to 15.

A few activities are more catered for kids in elementary school and up, but my four-year-old was able to participate in everything she wanted to try. One activity, a science lab, was meant for kids ages five and up but the staff helped my daughter out and she had a lot of fun.

If you have a baby or younger toddler, they might not have much to do but there is a small playroom where they can hang out. It might be fun for them to walk around the “city” and take in all the sights and sounds. There are performances as well that they might enjoy.

Personally, I feel like older kids (junior high school and up) might not enjoy KidZania as much as younger kids do.

Do They Speak English at KidZania?

Every Wednesday is English day at KidZania, so if you can’t speak Japanese or you want your kid to practice English, this is the time to visit! However, the tickets for these days cost more than Japanese.

I went on a regular day and some of the staff spoke English to me, but the activities were all in Japanese.

I’ve also noticed that English activities are sometimes held on weekends, so it’s worth checking to see if it’s available.

Is There Food at KidZania?

Yes! You can bring your own food if you like or eat at their food court that has shops such as Pizza La.

What Kind of Jobs Are at KidZania Japan?

There are SO MANY jobs available at KidZania that it’s hard to choose!

Popular ones include firefighter, police officer, train conductor, bread maker, and chocolatier. The slots for these jobs are taken quickly, sometimes before 11:00 AM!

One of the best parts about some jobs is that kids get a little souvenir after finishing it, for instance, the bread they made, a picture, or a DVD. Kids also get cards with the name and an illustration of the job they did. I’ll share what my daughter did later on in this article.

How Do You Sign Up For Jobs and Activities at KidZania Japan?

One important thing to keep in mind is how signing up for jobs (activities) works.

When you arrive, you’ll be given a Job Schedule Card, which kids use to sign up for jobs or activities.

Go to the shop or store where you want to work and you’ll find a sign like the one pictured below that will let you know the next available time to sign up, how many kids can participate, how long the activity is, recommended age, and how many kidZos you will get paid.

KidZania activity sign

If your child wants to do the activity, give the card to the staff member and they’ll place a sticker on the card with the name of the activity and write down the time.

Kids have to be present when signing up for a job. Parents cannot do it for them if they’re in another activity.

If you have a job scheduled, you cannot sign up for a job that’s after that time. For instance, if you have a job scheduled for 11:30, you cannot sign up for a job that starts at 12:30. You need to wait until the 11:30 job is finished.

However, you can sign up for a job that will finish before another one you have scheduled. So if there’s a job for 10:30 and it’ll finish in 35 minutes, so before 11:30, you can sign up for that job. This is the best way to make use of your time! Use the KidZania app to find out what’s available (in Japanese only) or look at the following boards.

Kidzania activity board

Visiting KidZania Koshien in Kobe Near Osaka and What to Know

I visited the Koshien KidZania location on a weekday with my 4-year-old during spring break in Japan. Beforehand, I went through the activities on the KidZania Japan website with my daughter to find out what she wanted to do. This helped immensely since it can be overwhelming to choose what to do and there’s only so much time and available slots in a day.

I also downloaded the KidZania App. This is only in Japanese but it helped me know what time each activity was being held and how many spots were open. This was so helpful!

Although we got an 8-hour pass, I didn’t want to take the rush hour train so we arrived at KidZania Koshien at 10:00 AM instead of 9:00 AM. Getting inside was a breeze since there was no line. I showed my confirmation email and received several things for my daughter, notably a Job Schedule Card to use to sign up for jobs, a map to show us the location of each activity, and 50 kidZos.

KidZania package

I was also given a lanyard with a pass in it and a receipt that had a passcode at the bottom. Enter this passcode into the KidZania app to get access to the activity schedule.

Tip: Make sure to bring a reusable bag or backpack because your kid will have some souvenirs from their activities to bring home!

I loved that kids pass through ANA gates to get inside, so it’s like they’re traveling to another place! And indeed, I felt that way when I entered the little city they made.

Entrance of KidZania Japan Koshien

Everything is so well done and helps children really feel immersed in the experience. My daughter was so excited!

We quickly headed to the Bakery, which was the activity she wanted to do the most. Although it was 10:00 AM, the next available time was 11:30 AM, so we signed up for that and then decided to explore a bit.

Packaging Lab

One of the staff asked my daughter if she wanted to do package designing at the Packaging Lab, and she readily agreed. We were lucky that there was no one waiting for this activity so we only waited for about ten minutes before being let in. While we were waiting, my daughter was given a cute uniform. She looked so adorable in it!

packaging lab at kidzania

When my daughter did the activity, I had to wait outside the room. The staff explained about packaging to my daughter and then helped her design her own candy package on a tablet! My daughter did a presentation at the end about her package, which I wish I could have heard.

packaging lab at kidzania japan

packaging lab at kidzania japan

It took about thirty minutes and they even gave her the plastic candy package that she made. It was a really nice souvenir. (Note that you’re not supposed to put food inside of it.)

package made at packaging lab at kidzania japan

After that, we still had about thirty minutes before the bread-making activity, so we decided to have a quick lunch at Pizza La on the 2nd floor.


For the Bakery activity, my daughter was fitted again with a cute uniform and a little hat. There were six kids in total, all around the same age.

bakery at KidZania Japan Koshien

The staff explained about fermentation among other things related to baking bread. Then kids could roll up three triangular pieces of dough to make mini croissants. These were then baked and kids could take them home.

At one point during the activity, kids had their photos taken by a professional photographer, which we could choose to buy at any time near the National Store. (My daughter looked so cute in her photo so I coughed up the 1500 yen to buy it.)


For the next activity, my daughter had to choose between working at the ice cream shop or at a flower shop, so she chose the latter. We had some time before she could participate in the flower shop activity so we looked around and decided on Performer at SEIKO.

performer at KidZania Japan Koshien

As with all the activities, kids got fitted with a costume and went into a room to learn a dance routine with pompoms. They also got their photos taken (I didn’t buy this one). Right before the clock struck the hour, the kids went onto a balcony and danced in front of the SEIKO clock to “Happy Birthday” for everyone on the 1st floor to see.

I actually didn’t know about the final performance, so don’t be like me and make sure you head to the 1st floor once the kids leave the room. I only caught it from the side on the second floor and I feel so bad about missing it!

Flower Shop

We had to pay 5 kidZos for this activity but for kids who visit during their birthday month, it’s free!

flower shop at KidZania Japan Koshien

My daughter made a cute fake flower arrangement in the shape of a cat with a little help from the staff. She was so proud of it and kept telling me to be careful so it wouldn’t get wrecked when I carried it home.

Train Conductor

My daughter and I both loved this one. There’s an actual Hankyu train model that kids can go inside and pretend that they’re operating. The uniform my daughter got, complete with a hat, was super cute.

train conductor at KidZania Japan Koshien

She was so excited to pretend that she was the conductor of the train. She got to speak into an intercom and press a button to open and close the train doors. This is a must-do activity for kids who love trains!


We decided to do this one while we waited for our last activity, which was a researcher at a Science Lab.

stage  at KidZania Japan Koshien

This activity took place at the Theatre and children learned how to be a comedian. They practiced an original skit in pairs and then performed in front of an audience.

The staff fed lines to my daughter since she was too little to remember them but she did a great job with her delivery. I was so proud of how confident she was and that she remembered what gestures to make. Best of all, at the end we got a DVD of her performance.

I also really liked this activity because I got to sit down!

Science Lab

The last activity was a researcher at a science lab. This was partnered with Yakult, a famous company that specializes in yogurt beverages.

scientist  at KidZania Japan Koshien

My daughter loves playing scientist so she had fun mixing solutions and using a pipet (with help, of course) to get a sample of bacteria. After she got her sample, she was able to see it up close using a microscope.

This activity was for children ages 5 and up but my daughter was still able to participate. To be honest, I didn’t notice the recommended age until afterward!

laboratory at KidZania Japan Koshien

For her souvenir, my daughter got a postcard with a picture of her and the other children in their little lab coats.

Wrap-Up: KidZania Japan in Koshien, Kobe

In total, my daughter was able to participate in seven activities during her 8-hour visit! She also had around 80 kidZos in the end but it wasn’t enough to buy anything at the Department Store (Takashimaya). From what I could see, the cheapest item was 180 kidZos so maybe if we’re lucky we’ll have enough to get something next time!

activity cards at KidZania Japan Koshien

And yes, there will probably be a next time. My daughter was hesitant when it came to signing up for many of the activities since it was her first time. But after she saw certain things like kids as firefighters and putting out a fire, she suddenly wanted to do it. Unfortunately, by that time there was no availability.

firefighters  at KidZania Japan Koshien

I absolutely recommend KidZania for kids in Japan. It can be pricey but it’s worth the cost. My daughter had so much fun and she won’t stop talking about it!

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