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  • I have a 4 year old and she constantly requests paper crafts and we do a lot of cutting and pasting “games” as well. Are your kids crafty? How do you keep up?

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    We get a lot of crafty stuff from Daiso (or equivalent 100 store), especially origami! They fold it, cut it up, glue it to things, use it to make notes, draw pictures on it. We’ve had decorations for all seasons made from origami. Its simple enough that you can leave them to it, or you can join in practice yourself, lol. I go to Daiso occasionally and empty the 100 sheet packs off the shelf.

    We have a lot of origami stuff but I once made some paper Octonaut dolls and now she wants something that complicated every time – oops. She used to love the Daiso sticker books but I think she’s outgrown them now, they were great for back when we used to ride the trains pre-pandemic though. I guess I could go get some construction paper and she could make a Valentine’s Day card for her dad if I help her cut out the hearts though…

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