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Last Updated: June 10, 2024
Written by Kay

As you’re likely well aware, Hello Kitty is massively popular in Japan. With this popularity have come various places across the country for fans to visit, one of which is AWAJI HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND.

My family of three decided to visit AWAJI HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND on the spur of the moment since we live nearby, so in this article, I’ll share our experience and provide some helpful tips for those interested in visiting.


One popular tourist destination in Awaji Island is AWAJI HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND, which consists of three places to see: HELLO KITTY SMILE, HELLO KITTY APPLE HOUSE, and HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX.

If you want to visit all three, which I recommend you do, I suggest buying a package deal in advance through TableCheck, which will give you discounted tickets. We didn’t do this and I regret it, so I know I will be doing this next time!


This building contains all things Hello Kitty and is meant to take you on a tour of Hello Kitty Otohime Ryugu Castle. There are Hello Kitty projections on the walls, stuffed Hello Kitty plushies galore, two restaurants, a theatre, and an area to do crafts.

After purchasing your ticket (1500 yen for adults, 500 yen for kids ages 4 and up), you will receive a small booklet with quizzes that you can complete while going through the building. If you answer all of the questions correctly, you’ll receive a sticker. My daughter didn’t have the patience for it, though, which was fine.

Note that this book is in Japanese and I’m unsure whether they have an English version.

My four-year-old daughter was excited by all the sights and sounds the moment she stepped inside. There are plenty of photo spots, including one up the stairs when you go inside so make sure not to forget about it.

Photo spot inside Hello Kitty Smile

The projections on the walls and floor are fun for kids, especially the ones with fish that swim about. My daughter had so much fun running around them.

Inside Hello Kitty Smile in Awaji

The movie on the 2nd floor Palace Theatre runs every 10 minutes. There are not that many seats but the movie is quite short and we found there were always seats available. I’ll be honest, I think my daughter was confused for most of the movie and she didn’t seem to quite care for it since there was no real story. It’s only Hello Kitty Otohime, the princess of an undersea palace from the Japanese folktale Urashima Taro, and some undersea creatures swimming about.

I loved the photo spot in the Under Palace kaleidoscope, which is like a mirror tunnel with Hello Kitty plushies in it and a projection of Hello Kitty Otohime. We got some pretty cool photos from it.

kaleidoscope photo spot at Hello Kitty Smile in Awaji

Our family decided to have lunch at the Garden Terrace restaurant because they had a greeting with Hello Kitty Otohime at noon. The restaurant served Chinese food and kids can get a bento with Hello Kitty, My Melody, or Pompompurin, which was quite similar to Sanrio Puroland. Included with the bento was juice, ketchup fried rice and soup.

Bento at a restaurant in Hello Kitty Smile

The food itself was decent although the restaurant looked like it had better days.

When it was time for Hello Kitty to arrive, my daughter was super excited and patiently waited for Hello Kitty to come to our table. We had to remain seated as a staff member took a few photos of us and then it was time for Hello Kitty to go.

Hello Kitty greeting at Hello Kitty Smile Awaji

This greeting cost an additional 1000 yen and although the greeting on the 2nd floor at 1:00 PM is free, you get a cup with Hello Kitty Otohime on it to take home, and you don’t have to line up.

That being said, we also did the greeting at 1:00 PM where we got to take another picture with Hello Kitty Otohime at Hello Kitty’s Room on the 2nd floor. The line moved quite fast so don’t be intimated if you see lots of people lined up! This is free and a staff member will take a photo of you with Hello Kitty. There are greetings about once every hour or so, which is why I recommend doing this, perhaps even over the lunch greeting if you want to save money. Hello Kitty Otohime also gave my daughter a hug, which she was very happy about.

There are also some photo spots outside on the 2nd floor, namely with the giant Hello Kitty head that’s on the top of the building and a cute swinging bench with a Hello Kitty plushie on it. There’s also a beautiful view of the sea.

The souvenir store by the exit has Hello Kitty merchandise that can only be found at HELLO KITTY SMILE, specifically Hello Kitty Otohime and Hello Kitty Mermaid. So if you like collecting exclusive Hello Kitty merch, then this is for you.

We took some photos with some giant apple figures with Hello Kitty on them near the exit and then, having spent 2.5 hours at HELLO KITTY SMILE, we headed to APPLE HOUSE and SHOW BOX. The other two are about a 5-minute drive away but there’s also a shuttle bus. I saw many people walking as well, including some with kids, and I think it’s about 15 to 20 minutes away on foot.


Hello Kitty Apple House

This won a Guinness World Record for being the largest building shaped like an apple. Entry is 1000 yen for adults and 500 yen for kids.

The APPLE HOUSE has a 360-degree theatre that we honestly didn’t look at much. Instead, we headed up to the viewing deck where you can see the top of HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX and a view of the sea and town.

view of hello kitty smile from hello kitty apple land in awaji Japan

To be honest, it seemed a little expensive for what it was. But it was cool to see the SHOW BOX from above, which holds a Guinness World Record for the “largest roof in the shape of a brand character”.


Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, tickets for the cafe shows were completely sold out. We should have purchased the tickets in advance or gone straight to the SHOW BOX in the morning instead of going to HELLO KITTY SMILE first.

So don’t make the same mistake as us!

We are going to try to go again because my daughter was disappointed she didn’t get the chance to see the Hello Kitty show.

Overall, we enjoyed visiting AWAJI HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND but if I’m going to be completely honest, I wouldn’t travel from far away to see it unless I was a huge Hello Kitty enthusiast.


There are several options to get to AWAJI HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND. The easiest is by car, but there are also free shuttle buses that will take you to HELLO KITTY SMILE and SHOWBOX.

Where to Stay on Awaji Island

If you’re looking for a Hello Kitty experience, I suggest staying at Grand Chariot Hokutoshichisei 135°. This hotel has Hello Kitty-themed beautiful, cottage-like rooms overlooking the mountains and sea. It’s also close to AWAJI HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND.

Wrap-up: HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND in Awaji Island, Japan

AWAJI HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND is a must-visit destination for Hello Kitty enthusiasts, although if you’re not that big of a fan, it’s okay to skip it. In fact, I think Sanrio Puroland is loads better.

However, there is still plenty to see and do on Awaji Island, so if you’re in the area and want to visit it, definitely do so!

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