Mosquito bites infected

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    Ughhhhhhh. I feel terrible. So Shimi got a couple of mosquito bites a few weeks ago on her legs. She kept itching them, naturally, and it became a wound. I was putting creams and bandaids on them but it never got better. Now it is an infection and it is kinda blistering on her. This morning, there was one small one on her stomach and now it’s all over her side, not to mention her legs where it originated. Now I have big and small bandages all over her body. Luckily, she’s not complained at all about the situation, but I feel terrible. I thought I was treating it properly but obviously I didn’t. The doctor gave us antibacterial cream and a medicine to drink. The powder to drink is disgusting, i tried it, mixed with jelly hie she normally gets medicine, and it was still gross.

    Has anyone dealt with this before? I think the nursery won’t let her come with this not too which is understandable but adds to the stress.

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    Tobihi is what it is. Sorry I couldn’t think of the word.

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    Hi DD!

    Again, sorry for the late reply.

    I haven’t dealt with that before! But it’s not your fault, I think any parent would have taken the same actions as you did. Has it gotten any better over the week?

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    Hi! It’s gotten better. I wrapped her body in bandages so she couldn’t scratch and the nursery would allow her. The wounds are closed but there are still kinda scars I hope will heal up. Thank you so much! I felt bad for not taking her to get antibiotics sooner. I thought it would heal naturally.

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    I am so glad to hear she’s feeling better and could attend nursery!

    And I understand, we want to do our best for our little ones but it’s a lifelong learning process!

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