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    Hi!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I have a question. We are thinking about flying internationally for Christmas to see the other side of the family. Shimi will be almost 3 at that point and has flown multiple times but for only about 2 hours each.

    im trying to decide direct or one stop in Incheon Airport in South Korea. The layover is about 4 hours so will make the total travel any 16 hours. It will save about 13%, which for a long international flight is quite a nice chunk.

    which would you recommend? Direct or a layover. Is a layover a really bad idea with a 3 year old? Thank you for your advice!!!

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    Hi! I’m also wondering if you have any earphones you recommend for almost 3 year olds on a plane.

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    Hi DD!

    Sorry for the late reply.

    It’s so exciting that Shimi will be going on her first international trip soon!

    Based on my experience with my daughter, I think the shorter you can make the trip, the better. But our trip last year was 24 hours, so perhaps Shimi will be fine for 16 hours. You also need to consider the possibility of planes being delayed. If there’s a layover, this might mean missing a flight or having your trip end up being much longer than you expected.

    For instance, our flight from Narita to Vancouver was delayed and the next flight to my hometown was four hours later. This was when my daughter had a breakdown (understandably, it makes my heart break even now remembering it. She did so well up until then but it was 16 hours of traveling at that point, my poor girl…)

    I’ll share this on Twitter (as much as that place disappoints me now, haha) and Bluesky as well to see if other parents can offer some advice.

    As for earphones, I got these JVC ones but my daughter didn’t want to wear them. My friends used these ones.

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    I thought shorter the better too! Ended up finding a good (?) priced direct flight. I was most worried about delays in the holiday which could destroy a layover. I can imagine how hard to must have been for you all with the delays. Her holding on for 16 hours is amazing!!

    i am pretty sure we are going to get her an iPad and headphones for the flight. I think she will be ok for the most part but want to do as much as possible to make it comfortable for her and the people around us.

    i was looking at something similar to the jvc ones, I wonder if she’d like them. We have been going to electronics stores and letting her try iPads, she likes it, maybe too much, but I guess for the flight it’s ok.

    thank you for your reply! I’ve been off social media for a little bit now, so I appreciate your response! Thank you!

    We are super excited to go see family too! I have not been back in about 5-6 years, so it could be shocking for me and definitely maybe for Shimi.

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    So happy to hear you found a good direct flight! I hope Shimi enjoys her trip 🙂

    Haha, my daughter is unfortunately addicted to her iPad. I always take it away from her but my husband gives it back (he wants her to be connected to technology, I want her to be connected to the real world!). Granted, it’s good for downloading apps to get them to learn the alphabet and hiragana, etc.

    I hope you’re enjoying your social media break and let me know how the trip back home goes!





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    I am nervous for the duration of wanting her to use tech while not being addicted. Definitely will want to try to set some guidelines, such in assuming will be impossible. I think we are going to get it though.

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