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    What did you guys do with your little ones for Halloween this year? Were there any local events?

    I mentioned this in my newsletter but we took our daughter (3) to a Halloween buffet at a hotel restaurant on Sunday, and then stopped by a “Halloween” party at a park nearby where the only things Halloween were the decorations.

    I was hoping some malls had trick-or-treating but there was nothing in Osaka…

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    We had an event at this big park near our home. About 10 families got together and played games and did a circle trick or treat. It was fun! A parent organized it and we brought things for the games.

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    That sounds so fun! I hope to do something similar at my new place.

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    The parent who started it made it very inclusive, basically it’s a FB group and they said, we would like to do a Halloween party, is this day ok then we all tossed ideas for times. Then parents added ideas for games too. It was a very group made party so one person wasn’t responsible for it all.

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