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    Tomorrow, weather and health depending, I get to go to the nursery and interact with the Shimi!! So far it has only been drop off and pick up so I don’t get to see the actual class interaction. I think due to Covid, they have really limited access to the school, which I’m ok with but do always wish I can go and watch.  It is only an hour, but it’s my first time and I’m super excited and nervous!!! I guess we get to do some playground activities together that they select(?) but whatever it is, I’m excited!!! One time I got to see her walk to the classroom with a friend holding hands. It was so cute. So I’m really really excited for tomorrow. I’ve told her teacher line 5 times I’m excited, she probably  thinks I’m weird haha. I’ve picked out possibly outfits too cause, you know, I’m stupid like that. Anyway, just wanted to share!

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    Hi DD! Sorry about the late reply, I was back in Tokyo for a bit.

    How did it go? Tell us all about it!

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    Omg. It was so much fun. They had all of the younger classes outside and had some activities set up. She didn’t Show much interest in the activities but did like making the craft. She had a friend who was chasing her around and it was cute to watch. I loved seeing her interact. It sounds weird maybe, but we haven’t had much opportunity to see her interact with others much. I like her nursery, the teachers are really kind and she loves to see them and go there everyday.

    It was great though and I can’t wait for the next one!!!! It’s weird how little things like getting to see your child play for an hour is the highlight of your few months!

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    Aww, it must have melted your heart to see her playing with her friend! Given the pandemic and then being working parents, it can be really hard to find opportunities to see your child interact with others. This is why it’s amazing to be able to attend an observation day at daycare! I’m so happy to hear that the teachers are great as well.

    I hope my daughter’s yochien has something similar, we missed her Sports Day and felt really bummed about it.

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