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    My daughter slept in her crib in our room until she was 9 months old.

    Then we moved and she got her own room, and slept there with no issues until she was almost 2.5 years old.

    Then we moved AGAIN (this time to Osaka) and she had a lot of trouble adjusting to her new room, understandably. We just gave up and ended up letting her sleep in our bed. It’s been a few months of this. She moves around a lot and kicks me and/or my husband in the face when she sleeps. We need a bigger bed but don’t have the space at the moment.

    We can’t try to make her sleep in her room anymore, though, because we moved her AC unit to my husband’s office, and we don’t want to buy another one as it’s expensive and running two ACs at night is even more expensive. It also helps not having to wake up in the middle of the night repeatedly to go to her when she cries. And I like looking at her cute sleeping face at night.

    So yeah, I guess the point of this is that I felt like a failure at getting my kid to sleep in her own room again at first but now I’m okay with her sharing our bed. Although Western culture tends to emphasize children sleeping in their own rooms, if your child is old enough and co-sleeping works for your family, you do you!

    …I’m hoping she sleeps in her own room when we move into our forever house next year though…

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    I hope that when she gets her own room the appeal of it being a special room just for her with her own bed (her own bedsheets!) and her own wall decorations etc etc will persuade her to stay…!

    My experience is almost the opposite. I always wanted to do the co-sleeping thing, and I thought that the Japanese style of parents sleeping either side of the child in the 川 shape was so wholesome and sweet. I wanted to be able to have sleepy morning snuggles with my daughter! But… she won’t sleep if someone else is in the bed with her 😅 Even when she was drop dead exhausted from jet lag and needed me to stay with her until she fell asleep, she ultimately got disturbed by my presence and slept better on her own. I mean, she naps fine on her cot at daycare, but co-sleeping as a little family is out the window. Oh well…

    We used a crib until she was two – then we moved and put her mattress from her crib next to our futons – but she’s almost five now and she sleeps on my futon or on me. I don’t sleep well because she rolls around in her sleep a lot, but it helps because she often needs to get up at night to pee and I can sense it before she’s fully awake so I’m prepared lol

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    Pippa, we need to trade our kids’ personalities for a while! Haha

    Pilaf, our daughters sound very similiar. I didn’t think about the bathroom thing. I don’t want my kid wetting our bed, I’d rather she wet her own, but it would be nice to know right away when she needs to use the toilet at night so I can help.

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    Ours is now 18 months. She has used a crib in her own room since  she came home. She sorties there about 95% with the 5% being when she isn’t feeling well. Then in our bed, which like Kay, she kicks out hits us all night in her sleep.

    one thing we do that I’m not sure is normal or not, we stay in her room with her until she falls asleep or she will cry. I’m not sure if that’s the “right” approach but if she cries, e we go in after about a minute. Do you wait? Let them cry?

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    Ah, that sounds like the situation with my daughter, too (up until 2.5 years old when we moved). Around this time she also started climbing out of her crib, so we changed it into a bed, which made it easy for her to just run out of her room and into ours whenever she woke up at night.

    We did both methods (waiting and CIO). Now it’s a mix of two. Sometimes crying helps her get tired so when we come back to the room she’ll be (finally) sleepy enough not to notice when we leave the room.

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    I used to co-sleep with my two year old, and baby twins…two double futons put together and only a mini blanket for the toddler. The twins in zip up sleep sacks, (me sleeping between the toddler and the twins) so it was quite safe, and saved me from having to going from bed to bed all night when they woke up. But my whole english family were horrified at the idea, haha.

    They twins are seven now, and have just stopped coming to my bed, which im glad for as they take up too much space! Whatever helps everyone get proper sleep goes, imo!

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    Yeah, with three under three, co-sleeping in two double futons sounds like a must! I’m happy to hear that the twins are (finally) no longer coming to your bed. So… 4 more years to go for me? Maybe more since A doesn’t have a little companion in her room.

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