American mom of 2 year old in Tokyo

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  • Hi everyone!

    I’m Jessi and I’m the mother of an almost two year old boy (two in a couple of weeks!) in Tokyo. 🙂
    I have been living in Tokyo for the last 15 years and am really into music (Jpop/Kpop/dance/EDM/so much more), dancing, sweets of all kinds, Japanese TV (you can laugh but I’m serious! I love music, variety, and quiz shows), and drawing. I’ve been back at work full-time for the last year with my son going to hoikuen.

    Being really into languages as a linguistics major, seeing my son learn to speak as a bilingual is endlessly fascinating to me 😀 I really look forward to hearing from more parents about their bilingual journeys, and everything else!

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    Hi Jessi! Thanks for joining and letting us know a bit about you.

    15 years in Tokyo! You must have a wealth of knowledge about the city. And it’s definitely a great place to live when considering your interests.

    We can’t watch Japanese TV at our new place so I’m starting to miss it, especially since it’s good Japanese listening practice. (Don’t get much of that anymore since I’m no longer working in an office.)

    I really look forward to seeing your insights into topics on this forum about bilingualism! It really is wonderful to see kids switch from one language to another. My daughter’s sentences are a mix of Japanese and English lately and I love it.

    I like drawing too 🙂

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