What is your toddler obsessed with right now?

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    My daughter won’t stop listening to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” (she calls it the “no no no” song).

    What about your toddler?

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    My boy is obsessed with Thomas & Friends or any vehicles shall I say. One day he brought a toy tractor to a park and had it on a swing to play.

    We are thinking to take our boy to Thomas Land in Fuji-Q Highland. Has anyone been and any comments?

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    Aww, he put the tractor on a swing?! That is too cute! Made me smile, thanks for sharing that.

    I didn’t even know there’s a Thomas Land in Fuji-Q Highland. I hope someone is able to share their experience going!

    We seem to have outgrown obsessions and technically we are not in the toddler-hood anymore but my daughter loved Puffin Rock, Paw Patrol and Octonauts from 1 – 2 – 3 years old respectively. Now everything is just sort of good without her really dwelling on anything.

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    Ah my daughter loves Paw Patrol too! She tried watching Octonauts back when she was one but wasn’t into it. She might be now but I haven’t let her watch television for two weeks so…

    “sort of good”, I wonder if this is common in kids once they’re no longer toddlers 🤔

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    S (newly 1) is obsessed with Moana music and Justin Timberlake/maroon 5. Always a go to.

    she also loves putting things in bags or boxes. Anything.

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    My daughter loves songs from Moana too! She hasn’t listened to Justin Timberland nor Maroon 5, though. It’s so cute that your daughter likes those artists! And she sounds like she’s good at putting away her toys (hopefully, haha).

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    She doesn’t really know putting away yet but she loves to put smaller objects in bigger objects. She has this little purse with like a baby mirror, phone, card, keys, and loves to put things in an out of the purse.

    also these rock blocks, pretty cool, she tries stacking them and occasionally dies and gets so proud. It’s cute.

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