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  • Hello All!

    I am a mom of a 15 mth old boy in Tokyo and now faced with the big dilemma of weaning him of the paci. He got into Hoikuen for this year (we are so grateful!!) and I thought if he is off the paci before he starts daycare it would be better. I am not sure but I suppose they wouldn’t allow it anyway?

    So! We are trying the cold turkey method and have taken the pacifiers away completely now. He is doing well so far considering the big change – of course sometimes there are tears and it takes longer to put him to sleep; wants to be held much more. (I must add that he only uses the paci for sleeping)

    My big worry is what if he starts to suck his thumb as a replacement! I have read everywhere that sucking thumb is actually more harmful for the mouth/jaw/speech and is also a harder habit to get rid of. Any parents who have been through this ordeal? How do I make sure that doesn’t happen? He already has a lovey and a big teddy to hug 🙂

    Thank you in adv!

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    Hi setagaya_mommy!

    My daughter was using her pacifier until she was 2.5-years-old (eek!). She didn’t have a problem when she didn’t have it at daycare (started at 9 months) but she needed it to fall asleep at night.

    We went cold turkey as well a month ago and like you experienced, it takes longer for her to sleep and she cried a lot, but things are generally fine. She hasn’t sucked on her thumb as a replacement yet.

    I’ll share this on my Twitter to see if other parents can share their experiences as well!

    Thanks Kay!

    This gives me hope 🙂

    He is doing good so far but I have seen him chewing on his fingers a few times. Seems natural he would try to find an alternative but one fine day it could be the thumb lol

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