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    Hi everyone!

    This is where you can donate something you no longer need, such as clothes your child has grown out of, books or toys they no longer need, supplies, and so forth.

    This is strictly on a donation basis. That means that you cannot ask for anything in return.

    Please upload a picture of the item and the condition. If you feel comfortable, please also include the area you’re in so that someone living nearby can arrange to pick it up. (You might make a friend, too!)

    If someone is interested in your item (or you’re interested in something), state your interest and then arrange how the item will be given away through private messaging.

    If you are giving away an item and meeting in person, you are not responsible for shipping costs. Please use chakubarai (payment on delivery) and inform the recipient how much it will cost.

    For those of you receiving an item via chakubarai, please ensure that you pay the shipping fee when you receive the item. If you do not pay, the package is sent back and the sender is responsible for the payment, which is really awful when you’re someone trying to do something nice.

    Any recipients who do not pay the chakubarai fee will be removed from this forum.

    Please also be very cautious when sharing your personal information (full name, address, etc) and do not disclose the personal information of others. If you will meet someone in person, please try to meet in a public area.

    Happy donating!


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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by Kay.
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