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  • Hiya!

    I’m Elaine, and I’m a new parent with a 1 and nearly 9 month old ^_^ Been in Japan nearly 13 years now, where we moved from the US. It’s been tough to raise a kiddo in the pandemic, especially since we have no extended family in the US and anyone who would have been able to help out can’t now b/c we have to really limit exposure (given I’m high risk and since kiddo probably has my immune system given how he reacts to colds, I’m worried about him too). So it has been A Time lol.

    We live in a rural city in Aichi prefecture, about an hour from Nagoya, and I really love the area, probably one of the most friendly places I’ve been to be honest. The support the city has given us honestly surprised me, so it was nice to have that at least.

    Aside from that, I make comics and art full time, I enjoy watching things, listening to music, or playing video games in my free time, and I do Naginata pretty seriously… when Covid isn’t closing the gyms ^_^;; My little bee likes “dancing,” cars, his stuffed kitty, going to the park, real kitties (we have two), pikachu and puzzles. He really enjoys a lot of things, actually XD

    Looking forward to connecting with many parents here!

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    Nice to meet you, Elaine! I know we’ve connected a bit on Twitter but it’s really nice to hear more about you.

    13 years in Japan! I imagine you may have also used printed-out maps to find places when you first arrived like I did (before smartphones became a thing), haha.

    I can’t imagine how difficult these two-plus years in the pandemic have been for you and your family. I hope this pandemic ends soon…

    I’ve heard about how friendly people in Aichi are! So happy that the people there are kind and supportive.

    You do Naginata on top of being a full-time artist? That is really cool. I want to get back into video games so if you have any recommendations, send them my way! (The last game I played was Octopath Traveler… Before my daughter was born, eek!)

    I am now very curious about your little bee’s “dancing”, haha. My daughter also has a stuffed kitty she’s obsessed with! And she likes Pikachu and puzzles too, although I don’t think she got into puzzles until she was 2 and was gifted one on her birthday.

    And it’s great to hear more about you as well! Yeah, the pandemic has been rough. My family was supposed to come help us with kiddo in his first month, but everything had shut down by then, so we got dropped RIGHT into parenthood ^_^;;

    Ahah we did use a little of that, but we were lucky enough that docomo was having a sale on Google phones at the time, and got those to start with XD

    It’s a lot of fun! Though the pandemic has set back my training a lot, sadly. Oh well if you have game genres you like, I could suggest some in those areas! I play a variety, but I’m mostly a PC or Switch gamer.

    Oh, he either spins in circles until he gets too dizzy, or he does this rocking from foot to foot, it’s so cute lol XD Ahah yeah, his kitty is one of those that is the head and arms and then the body is a blanket, and he’s really into the tag on the blanket for some reason.

    The timing of the pandemic couldn’t have been worse. I’m sorry and I hope things calm down sooner than later so your family can finally meet your son and you can get a break!

    I didn’t even know Google phones were a thing back then! All of my friends except for two had garakei phones. The two who didn’t had iPhones.

    I like RPGs like Final Fantasy but turn-based. (FF7 Remake was too much for me, I just watched my husband play it (´•̥ ᵔ •̥`)*ᶜʳᶦᵉˢ*).

    Aww, that sounds adorable! Oh my daughter has a blanket stuffy like that but it’s a pink elephant. She loves it, I give it to her to hold whenever she wakes up at night and it helps her fall asleep.

    I make art (but as a hobby) and I’m glad I have more and more time to do it a my kid gets older. I spent a lot of time drawing her as a baby the first year.

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