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  • So kinda an odd question or possibly delicate, in a way.

    Both my wife and I work full time plus more. She, for a Japanese company working typical hours for a Japanese person. I have my own company and work 6 days a week. Child (18m) goes to nursery full time. I try to take and pick up, 60/40~50/50 split. No grandparents around to assist if needed.

    so my question is, do any of you use a helper/cleaner around your house? If so, how much/how often? also, I’ve been asking to get one once a month to just give us one day off from needed to clean the bathroom/kitchen,  or fold laundry, whatever but have been hit with constant resistance. We both do alot and never have time to just relax unless it’s 11:00 when we finally get around to eating dinner.

    We are not wealthy or upper class in the slightest. We make enough though to give ourselves a little break, in my mind. So, am I asking something wrong for insisting on this? I mention it about monthly, suggesting, hey, why don’t we… but it never happens. Advice?

    I’ve heard of plenty of working parents using cleaners every so often! It’s something I would consider if I go back to work full-time. If you can afford it and if using a cleaner means you can spend more time with your family, then absolutely go for it!

    I am a singe parent and I use help. I need the help. Working parents need the help. Even stay-at-home parents need help too!

    You can even get help to pick up/drop off kids at daycare. Get a babysitter. Get all the help you need.

    Currently, I use our city’s “support for single parent households” program, where they dispatch helpers to your house at most 12x a month (that works out to 3x a week, 2 hours each time), and subsidize the amount you pay depending on your income.

    Before I knew about this program, I used the “family support” service, check if your city hall has it. You still pay cheaper than the usual housekeeping service would cost. They don’t really clean though, their main help was drop off/pick up from daycare.

    I have also seen various housekeeping services being advertised for 5,000 or so for two hours, or maybe more. Still, you could use them at least once a week.

    Some people don’t want strangers coming into their house, touching their things, cleaning differently, etc. But when you have kids, you don’t have the luxury to nitpick (my opinion). Also, after you cultivate a relationship with your helpers, it will get easier.

    Wish you the best in convincing your partner about the help!


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    Thanks for sharing your personal experience with these services, Savvy! Very helpful.

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