Going #2

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  • For those of you who have successfully potty trained your little ones, how did getting them to go #2 in the toilet go?

    My daughter is three but we’ve only managed to get her to go #2 in the toilet twice, and I think both times were just luck because it’s been months since the last time and she still won’t do it.

    Can’t grab her and put her on the toilet midway because she’s figured out how to be sneaky about it so we have no clue.

    Won’t do it after meals, no matter how long she sits on the toilet.

    We have her try to go in her diaper in the toilet room but that hasn’t helped with transitioning to the actual toilet.

    She won’t go for DAYS if we put her in regular underwear.

    I think this has been the most challenging part of being a parent so far!

    We are both there yet, but I’m wondering when it’s time to start. Shimi does tell us sometimes that she went to the bathroom but..

    If she’s showing interest, there’s no harm in trying! My friend’s son is turning 2 in January and he’s already almost entirely toilet-trained! All kids are different, though. We started toilet training A when she was two I believe…

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