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    So we have been looking for a house for a few years now and we fondly found it!! We’re out an offer and got bank approved and negotiated and it has been agreed on!! Still maybe premature but we are so excited! It’s a little big for us but maybe we have discussed having another child. Anyway, just excited!

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    Ughhh. So e we are getting ready to sign on Monday. My wife told her parents about it. They were really negative saying how it will be too expensive ti maintain and taxes will be too much. So now, there is a lot of hesitant by my wife. There is a tax after like 6 months that is quite a bit and she is now second guessing. Basically, her parents hope that she will eventually move back to there hometown and take their house so I think they are discouraging her, but there is nothing I can say besides if you want it, let’s get it! If you don’t, we can wait. It is about a 20 minute walk from current station, a smaller yard, but big enough to enjoy, spacious, but 42 years old. I think it is nice and probably the best we will find for the location and price. I don’t know.

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    So all this was for nothing maybe. We were set to sign tomorrow. The owner got an offer for the original price and put us on hold. I’m not ready interested in doing business with them anymore though. We are bank approved. Negotiations were completed. Signing was basically all that’s  left. Back to square one. Oh well.

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    Hi DD!

    Sorry about the late reply, as you know I was back in Canada and needed some time to recover from the trip.

    I’m so sorry to hear about what happened with the house. It can be really hard to find a nice pre-loved home so your frustration is completely understandable. I sincerely hope something nicer comes along for you and your family. Sometimes these things happen for a reason. I’m really glad we missed out on the land we were initially hoping to get because although it’s more convenient, the land we ended up buying is better in so many other ways!

    Continue to keep us updated on the search!

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    So. It’s final. The other new buyer had their loan approved and the owner took them. Oh well. We really liked this place but it wasn’t meant to be. I wish we could find land and build a place like you but I don’t know of we are able. I’m gonna study your blog about the home search again to weigh options of new, used, used and needs renovations or buying property and building. Definitely a learning process.

    my mother in law said the safe as you, things happen for a reason. I’ll keep you updated! It’s all good! Keep looking! Hope everyone is well and healthy!!!

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    I’m so sorry to hear that, DD! We looked at all the options just like you and in the end building seemed to work best for us as we couldn’t find a house we liked otherwise, so keep your eyes peeled in all directions! It can be really time-consuming (it was all we did for… two years I think?) but we’re happy with the end result.

    Feel free to ask any questions if you have any!

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