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    In this pandemic with travel restrictions, I have a positive situation. We applied for a family visa so my mom could come meet her grandchild for the first time.

    they FaceTime about one a week, grandma will talk to me and Shimi while Shimi waves and smiles or eats.

    when they meet due the first time, instant besties! It was really amazing. They were pretty inseparable from the start and i think the FaceTime was really helpful.

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    I’m so happy to hear that, DD! My daughter and I FaceTime with my aunt every week so I hope they are just as inseparable when we go and visit her this August!

    Thank goodness for technology! Imagine going through this pandemic 20 years ago!

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    Good luck! IMO, it worked as she was comfortable from the start! We have a weekly breakfast call where we all talk. Technology really has helped out!

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