Canadian mom of 2.5 yr old in Osaka ♥

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    Hi! I imagine most of you may already know me but just to recap, as the title says, I’m a Canadian mom of a 2.5-year-old girl living in Osaka and the owner of Tiny Tot in Tokyo.

    I’ve been in Japan for almost 10 years now and recently moved from Kanto to Kansai due to my husband’s work. I really like the area so far and I’m hoping to explore more once it gets a bit warmer and the pandemic isn’t raging as much as it is now.

    Like a lot (all?) of you, I didn’t think the first years of my child’s life would be during a pandemic! I feel so bad about everything my daughter hasn’t been able to do because of it. Despite this, my kid seems fairly well adjusted (for a toddler). I guess we will see what impact this pandemic has had on early childhood development in a few years.

    Other than that… I have a pet rabbit, I enjoy wine and cheese, collect cute things, and I dream of sleeping all day. My daughter likes プリキュア, singing and dancing, and climbing on everything (including me).

    Thank you so much for reading and taking an interest in this community. I hope that you’ll introduce yourself as well! (You don’t have to write nearly as much as I did!)

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