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  • So we are trying to do breakfast at 13 months. She typically drinking formula. We have tried a few things, rice and scrambled eggs, oatmeal , French toast, corn flakes. All of which have basically failed. Suggestions? Our nursery is telling us she needs to start eating breakfast.

    Ooh I just noticed it, sorry about the delay!

    My daughter had this stage as well. Firstly, we stopped letting her drink formula in the morning as it filled her up too much. She got one to two cups of milk instead. At times we just resorted to giving her ALL THE THINGS, like apple sauce (Kirkland), baby pancakes (Wakodo), baby yogurt (Danone). We also ate breakfast with her and she started stealing my husband’s toast and my cereal, despite not wanting to eat her own (of the exact same things… toddlers are weird).

    I would love to hear from other parents so I hope someone else shares their experience!

    We tried a variety of things, each kid has their own taste I think, but it really helped to do formula after breakfast, so they’d eat as much as they were comfortable, and then supplement with formula. We still have food some food issues, but there are a few things on the list that’ll always get eaten now ^_^

    Thanks for sharing, Elaine! Supplementing with formula after breakfast is also a great tip.

    @missmentaiko on Twitter shared the following:

    “If mine doesn’t want to eat at all, o check her temperature. If ok, I’ll wait 30minutes. If she still don’t want to eat, I give her white rice, cauliflower and strawberries. Because I know she will def eat it. At that point, my only target is that she has smtg in her stomach”

    Sometimes it takes my daughter some time as well until she gets hungry enough to want to eat (she’s like me actually!)

    Thank you so much for the advice! We have been trying different things and they have started to grow on her. We found a baby cereal at HAC that she likes. We also made little baby sandwiches with the fruit/veggie squeeze things. Also a tofu egg omelet. All of which she seemed to like but I think the main issue is swallowing them at times. She kris them in her mouth well and seems to enjoy but sometimes will just spit them out a minute later.

    i really appreciate the advice!!! Sometimes we are just in a rush to get to work/her to nursery, so maybe I try to rush her eating, which isn’t good for her. On weekends, we eat together and that does seem to help her.

    At that age we had a lot of rice soup with little steamed carrot shapes in it, and sometimes oatmeal. I used to make little omelettes and cut them into little strips like noodles which she could easily take and chew on without making it too daunting for her.

    So she has gotten comfy with breakfast!! Oatmeal, eggs (omelette style cooked in a bag in the microwave), toast, cereal (corn flakes) have all worked well! Fruit is something she loves too!! Also soups have done well too!! It took a couple of tries for some of them to be acceptable for her, but eventually she took to them well!

    That’s great to hear, DD! And it all sounds really healthy and well-balanced.

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