Australian housemother in Anan Town

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    Hi, my name is Le, I came from Australia. I have a nearly 2 years old son, last year we moved to Japan with my husband due to pandemic reasons. We now live with my husband and parents in laws in Anan Town in Nagano prefecture, it’s a very small and quiet town.

    I studied architecture and landscape architecture in Australia. I have lived and worked in Shanghai for over 6 years until I met my husband and we got married couple of years ago. In Shanghai I had a very busy and active lifestyle, but it was fun and exciting. Now living in Anan Town as a housemother, everything is so different, shall I say not easy. I have so many unknown matters especially with raising my young toddler.

    I love traveling, sports, eating and drinking, and meeting up with friends.

    I hope to meet and connect with many parents here to talk about raising our children and or living lifestyle in Japan.

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    Nice to meet you, lele, and thank you so much for joining!

    You have a very interesting background! I wonder how living in three countries has influenced your knowledge of architecture and landscape architecture. Not many people have that experience!

    Nagano is such a beautiful prefecture, it’s a place Tokyoites (like I was) go to escape the city. But Anan is quite the change from Shanghai! I don’t blame you for finding it not easy. There’s also a lot to learn in a new country, and with a toddler, AND during a pandemic, I imagine it must be challenging. Small towns in Japan tend to be very welcoming when it comes to children, I hope you’ve had that experience so far (or will in the future when the pandemic eases).



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