2023 Daycare/Preschool

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    The new daycare/preschool year has begun!

    How are you all finding it? Same teachers/different? How about those of you who are new to it?

    My daughter is in a new class but unfortunately separated from her friends. But she seems to have had a nice day. Not sure how I feel about the new teacher, she completely missed some forms my husband put into her bag (but next to, not inside, the renrakucho so that might have been the issue).

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    Hi!! We have a new group of teachers too. A Guy teacher too, which I think can be helpful. The others parents have been ok. One is always ready friendly, she always says hi and pleasantries. Other than that, most keep their distance so whatever.

    teachers are typically nice. Kids seems to like them and is happy go save happy when I pick up. One teacher though, just never listens and is robotic. Literally talks and just repeats hai to herself as she talks. To anyone. I avoid her. But the school year has been positive, kid is happy and that’s all that matters. I wish parents were friendly, I’d like my kid to be able to play with them outta school but have a feeling trying to do that would be largely depressing and disappointing.

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