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I thought shorter the better too! Ended up finding a good (?) priced direct flight. I was most worried about delays in the holiday which could destroy a layover. I can imagine how hard to must have been for you all with the delays. Her holding on for 16 hours is amazing!!

i am pretty sure we are going to get her an iPad and headphones for the flight. I think she will be ok for the most part but want to do as much as possible to make it comfortable for her and the people around us.

i was looking at something similar to the jvc ones, I wonder if she’d like them. We have been going to electronics stores and letting her try iPads, she likes it, maybe too much, but I guess for the flight it’s ok.

thank you for your reply! I’ve been off social media for a little bit now, so I appreciate your response! Thank you!

We are super excited to go see family too! I have not been back in about 5-6 years, so it could be shocking for me and definitely maybe for Shimi.