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Hi midorisour!

Thanks for joining the forum and posting a question. I’m sorry for the late response, I hope it’s not too late.

Usually doctors prescribe fever-reducing medicine, and for a baby that’s 2 months old, I would recommend going to a doctor first just to be safe. You can also buy Bufferin medication from any drug store, which is safe for babies 3 months and up:

There’s an orange one with ねつ on it, which should help reduce a fever.

As for first aid, I believe you’ll need to make one on your own but regarding something like Neosporin, you can use マキロンs sparingly. It comes in both a liquid and an ointment.

If you want some ideas as to what to put in your first aid kit, I think my post below on disaster kits may be helpful:

Earthquake Preparedness in Japan with Children