Reply To: Pictures on Social Media

Kay, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I have heard of weirdos downloading strangers’ kids’ photos and who knows what they do with them.

On the other hand, the cat is out of the bag for me. I started posting a long time ago when social media was seemingly innocuous and not-so-public. I am posting much less though, especially with my older son who doesn’t want to be in photos anymore. If I need to share the pictures with my family/friends, I send them privately.

I don’t think that I am putting my children directly in danger by posting their photos. I don’t share the current location, and if I do tag the location it is long after we have left it. I post so that I can have an online archive of our lives and memories. I have no idea where all the photos I have been taking up to now have ended up, they’re scattered in hard disks, various clouds, old computers… but with FB/Instagram, I have a nicely curated timeline of happy memories (of course we only post the good ones!)

I can see from both sides: choosing to post or not. What I am uncomfortable with is excessive sharing, exploiting children for profit (or attention), making children perform for social media.. basically the extreme end of oversharing.