Reply To: The future

No apologies for late responses! I like to think on this forum there is never such a thing as a late response, especially as we’re busy parents. (I don’t like the current culture to immediately respond to everything, anyway!)

I felt, and still feel, very guilty sometimes about bringing my daughter into the world. Was it selfish? Look at climate change – will she, and our world, be okay ten years from now? But I also agree about worrying but not living in fear. The only thing we can do is be amazing parents, as that’s something we can control.

Juku, yes, I want to avoid that as well! I want my kid to have free time to explore her hobbies and interests instead of being trained to become a corporate drone. And I also want to teach my daughter self-defense. My husband is against judo because apparently your ears can get damaged from the impact…? So I suppose karate it is!