Reply To: The future

My wife and I had this conversation. I have thought deeply about this, probably too much.

yes, I do worry about the future, globally. I worry about resources, climate change, war, and many other issues. I said to my wife, I feel  uncomfortable bringing a child into this world because I don’t want them to suffer or live in distress.

In terms of Japan verses other, I get worried a lot about her being considered not Japanese or not treated equally. But, I hope to just teach her to be her, don’t let anyone undervalue her based on gender or race, and as it was said before, be a good person. Be a good person is by far most important.

So yes, I do worry but if we can do our jobs off teaching right from wrong, we can help make things better, possibly. I worry but won’t live in fear.

regarding Japan vs home country. Japan, 100%. I’m American and the gun violence, health care, educational issues, diversity, is overwhelming and living there is the last place I’d decide to reside. In Japan, it’s safer with better health care. I don’t care for the juku life and will do my best to avoid that if she doesn’t want it. Gender equality here is a major issue, but I hope, I hope, I can help her to be strong and don’t be shortchanged, and how to protect herself. I think every country has its issues, Japan has less glaring ones though.

sorry for the late response, I’ve been in deep thought about this question.