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depending on where you live there’s never been a “good” time to have a kid, I guess

This is very true. There’s always going to be some kind of problem, no generation is without it. I suppose we just look at our parents’ generation and think everything was better when in reality, it had its issues.

But things like global warming seem inescapable and getting increasingly worse. What will summers be like ten years from now? Ten years ago it wasn’t nearly this bad! How will our kids get to school? Will the schools make them go outside in this heat or refuse to use aircon? What about salaries? Will Japan continue to pay shit wages despite rising costs? I know worrying about this isn’t productive but I can’t help it. And I feel helpless. What can I do, what can we do, to improve these situations? (Well, I guess in terms of work I will insist my daughter works for a gaishikei, haha.)