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Thanks for the very interesting questions, Pippa, and thank you Pilaf for sharing your thoughts!

I remember reading about how the hypnobirthing course helped you when you gave birth, Pippa, and it’s something I would want to consider if I have a vaginal birth in the future.

Pilaf, if you don’t mind sharing (and if you remember), what kind of advice was odd?

And in answer to the original questions asked:

If you were doing everything all over again, what would you do differently?

Hmm, I feel like I wouldn’t have much of a choice regarding how I would ultimately give birth (C-section again because platelet problem). This would be the case if I had another child, too. Maybe I would insist on a C-section from the start rather than attempting to be induced? That was very painful. I would also try to find a better clinic/hospital that could handle high-risk cases. My original clinic had to transfer me to another hospital last minute. I had great postpartum care BUT I am forever salty about not getting the fancy food! I just got regular hospital food and I hated it.

What did you think was really good from your previous experience(s) that you would hope to do again?

Hmm… I really liked the doctor and the clinic I went to, so I guess going with a female doctor who can speak English and a clinic where you can book an appointment would be a must. Also joining a bumper group on Reddit! That helped relieve a lot of my worries and I felt a lot less alone. Oh and living somewhere that had a station where I could sit down on the train, and working at a place that let me leave an hour early with no cuts to my salary so I could sit down on the way home. That helped relieve a lot of stress.

Is there anything specifically unique to childbirth in Japan that you liked and wish were more common back in your country of origin?

The longer hospital stay so that mothers can properly recover! And the (apparent because I never got it) amazing food. Oh and some (all?) hospitals/clinics give really nice freebies. I don’t know if Canadian hospitals do that but I was happy with what I got in Japan.