Reply To: Birth experiences

Oh my goodness, you were alone in the room and no one to help you with the contractions initially?! That sounds awful, you poor soul. I’m so glad that your BIL is a midwife and was able to get on the phone, and that eventually, a nurse stayed with you.

I didn’t realize an epidural would be so painful. I had a spinal block but I didn’t really feel it. Considering how difficult it is to find a clinic that offers epidurals in Tokyo, I’m surprised (and relieved) that you were able to get it since you live in a small city.

The part after your epidural sounds wonderful. But oof, imagine if you had seen that much blood! Did you need a blood transfusion?

I’m so envious of everyone who had great food! That’s one of the great things about giving birth in Japan and sadly, I wasn’t able to experience it.

Your clinic overall sounds great (minus you being alone in the beginning). I’d love to hear your experiences after giving birth, please consider starting a topic about it! Maybe other parents experienced something similar and can relate <3