Reply To: Birth experiences

Mine was really good in some ways, but also really tough in others. The clinic had a policy of no outside people b/c of the pandemic, so I was all alone in a room with no one to help me deal with the contractions which I didn’t know how to handle b/c all classes had been canceled due to the pandemic.

Eventually, I got my sister on the phone, and her husband is a midwife, so they gave me a few coping things to hold out until I was dilated enough for an epidural, and my spouse called and asked the nurse to stay with me b/c I was starting to have a panic attack due to the pain and fear and loneliness. From then on, it got much better. The nurse sat in the room with me and did her nightly work, and would talk me down from each contraction. They actually had to give me the meds early because I was having nightmarish contractions that were causing me to shake violently and that wasn’t good.

The epidural was probably the most painful part of the whole thing and I’m amazed I got through it with how long they had it take (being very careful and I was shaking a lot) and also I’m TERRIFIED of needles. Once the meds kicked in tho, it was GREAT lol. I ended up even falling asleep a bit and woke up to then being all like “good lord you have dilated SUPER fast, let’s do this”. Also they had this super comfy chair that I gave birth in, it was awesome. The Midwives delivered my kiddo, and the doctor only came in to stitch things up. Later, I found out, I’d lost a lot of blood (a not safe amount) so it’s no surprise I passed out right after and slept in the birthing room for a bit.

All in all, I went in at about 10:30 at night, and kiddo was out by 11am or so. They treated me amazingly after, gave me classes on washing baby, fed me AMAZING food, sent me home with a care package, answered any questions I had, and even let my spouse come visit a few times to learn some of the important stuff. Even tho it was really hard, I think in the end, the fujinka clinic I went do made the experience as comfortable and as painless as they could.

My issues more came after the birth and from recovering from pregnancy, but that’s not related to the actual birth story ahah.