Reply To: Parent of little one in Aichi

And it’s great to hear more about you as well! Yeah, the pandemic has been rough. My family was supposed to come help us with kiddo in his first month, but everything had shut down by then, so we got dropped RIGHT into parenthood ^_^;;

Ahah we did use a little of that, but we were lucky enough that docomo was having a sale on Google phones at the time, and got those to start with XD

It’s a lot of fun! Though the pandemic has set back my training a lot, sadly. Oh well if you have game genres you like, I could suggest some in those areas! I play a variety, but I’m mostly a PC or Switch gamer.

Oh, he either spins in circles until he gets too dizzy, or he does this rocking from foot to foot, it’s so cute lol XD Ahah yeah, his kitty is one of those that is the head and arms and then the body is a blanket, and he’s really into the tag on the blanket for some reason.