Reply To: Parent of little one in Aichi

Nice to meet you, Elaine! I know we’ve connected a bit on Twitter but it’s really nice to hear more about you.

13 years in Japan! I imagine you may have also used printed-out maps to find places when you first arrived like I did (before smartphones became a thing), haha.

I can’t imagine how difficult these two-plus years in the pandemic have been for you and your family. I hope this pandemic ends soon…

I’ve heard about how friendly people in Aichi are! So happy that the people there are kind and supportive.

You do Naginata on top of being a full-time artist? That is really cool. I want to get back into video games so if you have any recommendations, send them my way! (The last game I played was Octopath Traveler… Before my daughter was born, eek!)

I am now very curious about your little bee’s “dancing”, haha. My daughter also has a stuffed kitty she’s obsessed with! And she likes Pikachu and puzzles too, although I don’t think she got into puzzles until she was 2 and was gifted one on her birthday.